Monday, July 22, 2013


We had a lovely long weekend on the boat. Just stayed in the slip and enjoyed watching the wildlife and reading our books. Nothing more relaxing than being on the water.

Did you know that we sleep better on our little 34 foot boat than we sleep here in our big home. Well we do. It's the most amazing thing.

Hubby has oral surgery this coming Thursday. This will have us staying home next weekend, so no boating for us. This will conclude his oral surgery as he had the first half done a month and a half ago. Poor thing won't be able to eat like he wants for about two weeks. That's when the stitches come out.

We had a blast at Pittsburg Yacht Club two weekends ago. They are a fun group. We had a fabulous dinner there Friday night and then Saturday night we had another fabulous meal at La Varanda Ristorante Italiano. You can check out their menu HERE. There were 26+ people in our group and all of us ate at the same time. They really know how to take care of large groups and the food is more than fantastic. We've had many a meal here and I've never had a bad one.

On August 3rd we will be doing another IBOG function at Village West Yacht Club. This will be our first annual Meyer Haven Memorial BBQ. Herman Meyer passed away in July and he was the International Legal Officer for IOBG, and a past Commodore of Village West Yacht Club. The last several years we've had our annual BBQ at his ranch in Oakdale. He was a great guy that hubby and I have known for many years. He was heavily involved in the boating community.

I wish you all a great day and a happy week.  Live life to its fullest, as you only get to go around one time.
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  1. I'm planning on attending a social security workshop Aug. 3, but your plans so way more fun!

  2. We are so behind with blogging, Hope Hubby's surgery all goes well. Have a wonderful Monday Big Hugs xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Good morning!!! I am catching up from being away from the computer for awhile. Alas that means I am back to work after 9 blissful days away. We spent some time boating, it was too hot to fish. Sending good vibes to Z for his surgery, I don't imagine that to be much fun at all.

  4. i'll be thinking about zane while i sit at the hospital with cat. both at the same time.

    and yes, sleeping on the water is like a dream.....

    hugs, bee

  5. Hi Sandee. It looks like you're enjoying your "seaman" life much more than I do, hehe.
    Good luck to your hubby and chat soon:)


  6. lovely time you had! Life is great isn't it! Big hugs!

  7. Ouch! That oral surgery is no fun. I worked in oral surgery during my time in the Navy--I'm aware of what that can entail. Wish you and hubby both a quick recovery.

  8. If it is the surgery He had, it doesn't work and is a lot of pain for no gain and a waste of money.

  9. We had a lovely weekend too my friend! I love your last words life to the fullest because we only get to go around one true :)

  10. Live life to the fullest! Great advice. Have a terrific week.

  11. next time I'mc Coming with! hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! :)

  12. Praying for Zane's fast recovery. Thinking of you!

  13. Poor Zane. I'll be thinking about him and praying for a speedy healing. I know you'll take good care of him.

    My cruise is in 24 days... but first I have to get through jury duty which is in 7 days. Bugger.

    Have a perfect day! big hugs xoxo

  14. If you accept prayers, i will pray for the upcoming surgery. If you don't, i will hold good thoughts for it. Either way, i hope it goes well.

  15. You know it might be the rocking of the boat that made you sleep better or the sounds.

    And man I wish your husband good luck this week at the dentist.

    And I'm glad you had fun.

    Love, sandie

  16. We just booked our first cruise for next summer and I'm not really looking forward to it but if I sleep better it'll be worth it! Hope all goes well with your hubby's surgery and that he heals up quickly!

    Hope you have a wonderful day! Smooches to Little Bit!

  17. I'll bet you do sleep better on the boat. Like Sandie said, the rocking of the boat and all that fresh air.
    Best of lukc to your husband with his surgery. No fun

  18. Everything sounds great but the surgery. Sending good wishes along that all goes well and he gets a speedy recovery time.

  19. Hope the surgery and recovery go well and quickly.

  20. I wish I could on vacation just like that - enjoying the weekend.

    Wishing the mister full recovery! ;o)

  21. I wish speedy recovery to your husband. Nice to note that you had a great time in your boat last weekend!

  22. Sounds like ya'll had a great weekend ... it was on the boat after all. =)

    How nice that your friend is remembered every year at his ranch. Can't think of a better way to honor him.

    Wishing your hubby the best with his upcoming surgery. He'll have a good excuse to eat lot of ice cream!

  23. You get around pretty good with your boating groups. :-f It must be nice too just go there and spend a night on the water, even if tied to the dock.

    We don't have a boat as it wouldn't go any place unless we towed it to another place and older people shouldn't be out towing boats.
    Ours is a lake with a dam.

  24. A little late, but I hope Z's oral surgery went well and that he is recovering quickly.
    It's so great to see how much you two enjoy life on the boat/water. Living life to it's fullest! :-)


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