Saturday, June 29, 2013

Comment Game

We are at the boat for a week and enjoying getting together with friends we've not seen in a while. Lots of boating, BBQs and fellowship. It doesn't get any better than that.

Here's how it goes:

I'll start the game off at the bottom of this post by choosing two/three words or phrases, like coffee or tea, and which ever one you prefer you choose. You can also explain why. When you have done that you do two/three new words or phrases for the next commenter to choose from. Feel free to come back as often as you like. Just have fun. If someone derails the game will one of you put it back on track? Thanks.

First comment:Tent, RV or Hotel?


  1. Hotel! Especially when that hotel is a cruise ship! :D

    Have a fabulous weekend, Sandee! big hugs xoxo

    Elegant Night or Lido Deck Dining?

  2. Depends on where I am. We used to camp (tent) a lot in CA and in GA, but here, there is nowhere to go and I'm not really able. So hotel for me. Our dream is to buy an RV and travel the US.... ah, dreams are good. Have a great weekend.

  3. We will take the hotel room any day.

    Cake or ice cream.

  4. Hotel and ice cream for me.

    Cats or dogs?

  5. Cat or dogs? Yes, please!
    Amusement park or Natural Park?

  6. I used to say dogs, but now cats because I adopted a kitten three years ago and I fell in love with her and still have her :)

    Autumn or Spring?

  7. Ice cream. So many different flavours, yummmmm.

    Although I can definitely be tempted with cake. Like chocolate or carrot or cherry cheesecake, or... Where was I again?

    Oh yeah, ice cream. That's my answer and I'm sticking to it.

    Glass half full or half empty?

  8. Hotel because I'm old and spoiled and like the amenities. :)

    Dogs because that's what we had growing up.

    Sailboat or a yacht?

  9. Well I see I fell way behind in that comment. Getting back on track...half full!!

    e-books or hardcopy?

  10. between the hotel & tent is the fishing cabin, and in between the yacht & sailboat is the fishing boat. Add to that mint chocolate chip ice cream, a hard copy book, and an autumn day and you have a perfect would be full!
    Comedy or drama?

  11. oh my, both! l love comedy but a good spy thriller is my cup of tea!

    steak or pasta?

  12. Pasta

    Beach or mountains?

  13. Beach AND mountains. I like them both. Oh, I can only pick one? Fine. Since life's a beach, I'll go there :)

    Chicken or Fish?

  14. These are hard! I love chicken and fish...okay, chicken, unless I am the one who gets to go fishing!

  15. Definitely chicken, but I am getting tired of chicken and sometimes feel like I'm going to cluck.

    An exotic vacation or a new car?

  16. Are you kidding an exotic vacation!

    Heat or cold?

  17. Cold I hate feeling too hot

    Desktop or Laptop

  18. :(( Definitely Laptop. I've used computers way before Al Gore invented the Internet. When laptops came out I was one of the first to have one. I still do. I've still got all my computers except one that I gave away the monitor for.

    Cooking out:

    Hot dog



  19. I have to go with Hamburgers--they are OK even when cold, but a cold Hot Dog just doesn't make sense.


  20. Has to be Nonsense..LOL as I am always told I talk a lot of it :)Hope you having a wonderful weekend we have the hots in the UK today :) Big Hugs xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    Cinema or night club

  21. Cinema for sure- not sure I could stya up late enough for a nightclub!

    Dining out? Mexican or Thai food?


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