Monday, May 27, 2013

Mondays Smile

The Seaman Mom 10 Reasons To Enlist in the Military...

1. Yesterday sucked, today sucked, tomorrow is going to suck, and this seems to be a pretty solid forecast for the rest of my enlistment.

2. Spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year training for something that there is a 99.9% chance that we will never do.

3. WWWDWOA? (what would we do without acronyms?)

4. Taking simple daily tasks and breaking them down into nuclear physics before doing them.

5. Having to attend a brief prior to carrying out any task more complicated than picking my nose.

6. Being a personal servant (that’s basically all I am) to any one of the 300 thousand people in the military who out-rank me.

7. Being an adult and having somebody inspect me everyday to make sure I put my clothes on properly, and put my shoes on the right feet.

8. Having to wear a “cover,” or hat, every time I want to go outside.

9. I love cleaning the same places over and over and over until either the paint comes off or my hands are bleeding.

10. Without the military’s influence and good teaching, I would never have realized that you can sweep water with a broom for hours every time it rains.

Here's the first song that was played at Stockton Yacht Club Saturday evening. Everyone stood. Everyone. God Bless the U.S.A.



  1. love that song honey... be safe today. roche' slept next to sarge's photo last night.

    hugs, bee

  2. One of my favorite songs and loved the video. How great is that on Memorial Day. Thanks for that.Hope you are having a super day. Take care.

  3. What a lovely post

    Wishing everyone over there a great memorial day :-)

  4. Love that song. Lee sang it at a concert over in Hiawassee and I can guarantee everyone attending we're on their feet during this song! Never get tired of hearing it.

    Thanks for your and Zane's service. Love you two. Big hugs to both, honey...

  5. Were. Thank you autocorrect...not!

  6. Thanks Sandee....we should never forget
    Big hugs to you for the video!

  7. Laughing at the rain son did Old Guard Duty for awhile and could offer some that are related to the horses. ;)

  8. Like most who served, I wouldn't take a million dollars for the experience and I wouldn't give fifty cents to do it again. Just sayin'.
    Still, I'm proud of my service and "Proud to be an American." God Bless the USA!

  9. An awesome song for sure!!

    Hope you and Z-man are having a perfectly lovely day. big hugs xoxo

  10. Those are all so true. But I suspect they are necessay.

  11. That song has always brought tears to my eyes since I first heard it as a kid. Love it though!

  12. Lovely song Sandee. I can just imagine all the emotion that is felt when Americans hear and sing this song. I hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day.

  13. That was good. I'm remembering today too. My 18 year old nephew is going into the Navy in August! sandie

  14. Love that song, makes me teary every time I hear it

  15. Lots of funny reasons, but we are so thankful for the ones that do enlist & serve to protect this country! Thanks, Sandee!

  16. God bless all those in the military :) tough job. I hope you had a great memorial day Sandee!

  17. Great list! Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Big Hugs!


  18. Just a fantastic post and wonderful video. Have a wonderful day .. Big hugs xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  19. And bless each and every one who served, families too!

  20. Too bad I am too old to enlist, this list sure encourages me to run out. Especially all that extra cleaning :)

  21. :-h In the military one can find out how 100 recruits can mow grass on their hands and knees across the parade field. Good for budget crunching with this cheap labor. 5-p


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