Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesdays Question

It's Wednesday so that means it's question time. It's time to ponder and then answer just one question. Okay, you can add all you want as a reason for your answer too. We'd all like that. I'll even answer my own question as that's only fair.

So here's this weeks question: What is your biggest fear?
Drowning is my biggest fear. We are avid boaters and I can't swim!


  1. Heights..LOL, Have a wonderful Wednesday..Hugs xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. hmm.. dangerous woman... u can still learn to swim... :)

  3. I'm surprised to hear you can't swim s much as you like water! I guess my biggest fear is having to dump our money into a nursing home one day.

  4. My worst phobia is bridges and overpasses. Ack. Especially in large metropolitan cities with many cloverleafs/overlapping merging roads. My earliest memory of having a nightmare as a child was me on a bus in the city going over a bridge and the bus slowly falling off of the bridge with my face pressed against the glass screaming. Still to this day remember it vividly, more than 50 years later.

    I also hate flying but I do it anyway!


    Have yourself a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  5. The UNKNOWN. I always fear what I cannot perceive, prepare for or control.

    Second would be not stopping. I have a recurring dream of losing brakes on my car, probably symbolic of the fear of losing control over my own life. Which ironically, I feel is happening alot these days. The damn scumbags broke in and took copper from my Gram's. I went to the local PD yesterday to report it and the other issues. When I returned to my Gram's house yesterday after the meeting with the police, I spooked them out. They were getting the rest of the copper. Destroyed the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. Bastardos!!! I am so READY to be done with all this. Every issue is an insult to my dead grandmother and just enrages me!!! So, def. feeling less in control these days.

  6. I guess my biggest fear is that I won't be able to take care of all my kitties one day. Also I worry about fire. Guess I am just a worry wart
    Sandee, I cannot believe you can't swim. Yikes. Go take some lessons lady.

  7. Woof! Woof! I'm a good swimmer but mom is not at all and gets nervous being in deep water. She always wears a life jacket, you should too. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Lightning! I've been within 25 feet of it twice and 50' two other times. When there is a severe thunderstorm around, you WILL NOT find me running to to windows to look at the cool lightning. No, you won't!

  9. Heights...unless I am surrounded by an airplane.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday. Big hugs, honey...

  10. I have a terrible fear of sharks, although I respect them tremendously and don't think people should hunt them.

  11. My biggest fear is some will discover I'm not really a blogger. :P

  12. My biggest fear is mice and spiders, (well any BIG bug that flies too). I scream like a kid.

  13. hmmm, well it USED to be bridges but i got over that. i used to never touch money but now i do - with great care and immediately wash my hands afterward! maybe gaining back the weight but i don't really think about it, just go forward...

    hugs, bee

  14. I fear losing my beloved Papa Bear before we have the chance to share many more wonderful years together. Like lots of folks today, I fear losing our jobs/income that would make it very difficult to survive, then there is the fear of mountain roads with steep drop-offs, and lizards and mice and snakes...oh my! :-)

  15. Snakes! And failure. It stops me from doing a lot of things but I'm trying to overcome that. Oh and something happening to my furbabies when I'm not here. I have lots of panic attacks over that! Yep, I'm a worry wart.

  16. Driving in Chennai roads with heavy and unruly vehicular traffic.

  17. I think my biggest fear is not in dying - but I fear strokes or Ad. I guess I like to be in control and not a burden. sandie

  18. I think it's a mix of disaster, the unknown, and losing control.

  19. Flying cockroaches. They had them in Florida and I loved Florida but HATED those stupid big ugly bugs.

  20. My biggest fear is being closed in not being able to move and being left there. "Shudders"

  21. Did you know that the word FEAR is an acronym?
    It has two meanings I know of.
    The first is False Evidence Appearing Real.
    The other I can't repeat because I don't don't use that word starting with F.

    I'm not particularly fond of heights because the idea of falling scares the crap out of me.

  22. Well I learned something new today. Look at all the acronyms for FEAR.

    FEAR First Encounter Assault Recon (gaming)
    FEAR Forfeiture Endangers American Rights
    FEAR Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002
    FEAR False Expectations Appearing Real
    FEAR Forget Everything And Run (polite form)
    FEAR For Everything A Reason
    FEAR Forget Everything and Remember
    FEAR False Experiences Appearing Real
    FEAR Finding Excuses and Reasons
    FEAR Finding Everything and Realizing (Ian Brown music video)
    FEAR Face Everything and Rejoice
    FEAR False Emotions Appearing Real
    FEAR Failure Expected And Received
    FEAR Future Events Appearing Real
    FEAR Forget Everything and Relax
    FEAR Forgetting Everything is All Right
    FEAR Flexible Embodied Animat Architecture (language independent open-source project for the creation of portable AI)
    FEAR False Expectations About Reality
    FEAR Felines Enraged About Rodents (book - Ragweed)
    FEAR Future Events Appear Real
    FEAR Far East Adventure Racers (Hong Kong)
    FEAR Frantic Effort to Avoid Reality
    FEAR Forgetting Everything About Reality
    FEAR Future Events Already Ruined
    FEAR False Evidence Appearing Real
    FEAR Face Everything And Recover
    FEAR Force Elements at Readiness :)

  23. You know I don't really have many fears and at the moment I can't come up with one. Love all those acronyms you posted

  24. That's a toughie! Well...biggest fear is I'd die and no one will be able to take care of my baby daughter. That's inspired by my job on the ship and flying so much :(

  25.'s scary. Now for swimming lessons! You are never too old to learn to swim! Try it you will like it!
    Have a fabulous day!

  26. I know many sailors who don't learn to swim because they want to go quickly if they fall off in open water. If that's not your reason, I want to share that I learned to swim as an adult - however, I am still am afraid to set a spinnaker pole, for fear of falling in.

  27. My biggest fear is heights. Nevertheless I try to fight it! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday Sandee.

  28. Can't come up with any fears. I dread things, I worry some others, and know some others still are coming, but I don't fear them. Usually when I find I fear something, I take the steps to overcome the fear. Spiders, heights, flying, all of these have been overcome.
    If you spent a few weeks at the Y and learned to swim, your fear of drowning would be overcome.
    This sounds like an excellent column idea. I might have to borrow it.

  29. Yeah, death's a big one.

  30. My biggest fear is of tall women riding with me in an elevator.
    I generally get off on the next floor. That ride is pure terror for me, just plain fearing for what I'm not sure (except fear of the woman herself). XD

  31. :) :( :)) :(( =)) =D> :D :P :-O :-? :-SS :-f d( :-* b-( h-( g-) 5-p y-) c-) s-) d-) w-) :-h :X
    is an expression of my total fear.

  32. HI Sandie!
    I have a lot of fears. I'm a fearful woman, I guess! lol
    One of them is going to the hospital (and yes, I'm going there 3-4 times a week now!).

    Thanks for the heart warming comment on my blog. Love to you!

  33. hahaha!! lI can't believe you can't swim Sandee :D

    Mine would be losing my husband. I don't even want to think about it.

  34. My biggest fear is that my little dogs won't find a good home when I'm gone. I have two of them a good spot, but the other I will just have to trust to god.

  35. Love the Acronyms!

    My fears seem to mostly be about not being able to interfere for good in the lives of my children, specifically, them running off to fight for a cause and I can't keep them from dying. It causes me some very real anxiety.

    Wear a swim vest! Any chance you are going to take swim lessons this year? It would be a good idea. Just sayin'.


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