Saturday, March 16, 2013

Seymour #9

Seymour is out of jail and is behaving pretty good right now. We have no idea how long this will stay this way and quite frankly we aren't very hopeful that he'll behave through the end of this weekend.

Today I would like you to visit Seymour's human and read what he had to say about Seymour's past.   There seems to be a constant in his behavior and I think you'll all see exactly what we are seeing.  Please leave a comment on Seymour's dads blog.  He'd appreciate that very much.

Here's what Das Skunkmeister had to say in part:
Now I don't know what the state of Califorlornia expects to get out of Seymour, let alone 'Julia' (though allegedly she 'got' out of Seymour all she's ever gonna...*rimshot*). He has no job. He has no property. He has no 401k, Keough, IRA, NRA, INS, BFR or any acronym of value. And while some think that since Seymour is a mineral, and thus that's where his assets are hidden, I can tell you from personal knowledge and experience of having this particular pet rock for the past thirteen years...that's a lode.
Read the entire post HERE!
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  1. I believe that Little Bit will prove to be a surprisingly beneficial influence on Seymour. You just wait and see. Don't give up on Seymour just yet. Clearly, Little Bit sees some good in him and I always trust the instincts of a dog. They "see" things we humans cannot.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it, too.

    Have a lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  2. Well we sure hope you can get that Seymour under control but we went and read his history and it seems he is a born bad boy. Good luck. Take care.

  3. seymour is the guy with the cigarette box rolled up in his tee shirt sleeve in the 50's... and he's adorable!

    hugs, bee

  4. I am with Barb on having faith in Little Bit's good influence on Seymour. LB rocks!!!

    Have a super great weekend. Big hugs, honey...

  5. It is great news that Seymour is well behaved right now.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. oh my goodness Seymour is truly a Bad Boy- what will happen next?

  7. Seymour is what hubby calls a "hoodlum" I'm with Barb, Little Bit will take good care in fostering better behavior.

  8. Seymour sure does have a history.

  9. To hear Seymour tell it, he's been around in 4.5 billion (or so) years. I'll have to locate it, but he 'splained to me once some of where he's been and's in the blog, somewhere.

  10. Seymour needs to get his act together. Poor thing if he keeps this up he's headed for the rock crusher.

  11. Seymour is such a bad boy, I think he is going to have to be tagged..Bawwahhaaahhaa xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. LOL! What a history Seymour has Sandee! There are interesting times ahead. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  13. I have a new idea that will work, Sandee. Make him a little fairy garden and let him nest in the most prestigeous spot. His fried could nest there with him.

    I guarantee he will stay until the big California quake if you do that. Paint him pretty if you like, those go over really well in fairy gardens. That's how the Brits keep put their wayword rocks. An the whole world loves fairy gardens, you will too.

  14. Seymour needs to be watched like a rock.

  15. I'm sorry but Seymour is a Legend LOL


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