Saturday, March 9, 2013

Seymour #8

Seymour has had a very bad week. After being served by Julia Sandstone for prenatal care and all the costs associated with giving birth to a bunch of rocks, Seymour headed to the Social Services office to see what he needed to do. He's so very depressed.

The picture is him after his visit with a not so nice lady who had absolutely no sympathy for him at all.  He figures this is going to cost him an arm and a leg (no pun intended), and we suggested he find a job and the sooner the better.

We decided to take him to the boat this past weekend and what did he do? He got drunk as a skunk. We thought he was sleeping it off so we did some chores around the marina. Then we noticed that our run about was missing from her slip. We called the  Sacramento County Sheriff's Department immediately and gave them the description of the boat along with the CF numbers. About three hours later we received a call from the Sheriff's Department saying they had located the boat and had arrested a rock named Seymour for grand theft boat and drunk driving. Seymour had stolen our boat and we didn't even realize he had.

Well Seymour is currently in the Sacramento County Jail for grand theft boat and drunk driving. His bail is so high that we couldn't afford to bail him out.  He thought he had money problems before, just wait till the judge gets done with him.  We told the officers that we would not press charges for him taking the boat, but he was on his own for the drunk driving charge.  He has a court date next Monday and we're hoping Seymour will be sentenced and will have served enough days to be able to come home.   Never a dull moment with Seymour.
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  1. Well, at least he won't be causing you any trouble while he is locked away this weekend.

  2. Oh no Seymour, you have been very norty. A stint in the jailhouse might teach you a good lesson. Do not STEAL.
    So does anyone know when the little pebbles are due??
    Take care Sandee and Zane and have a great week end.

  3. WHAT??? not seymour! i think some other rock that looks like him did that. seymour is not a bad rock! hire a detective to find that other rock!!!

    i looked in the yellow pages for one in your area and found one called "find rock city" and their number is 1-800-stoned. hurry!

    smiles, bee

  4. LOL @ Bee! bahahaha! That Seymour sure is a handful. If they are adopting out the little pebbles, I will adopt one. Or twins, if they're extry cute. Do they get along with cats?

    Have a perfect day. If you can. big hugs xoxo

  5. Sounds like Seymour has gotten himself into a heap of trouble! I just read your previous post and realized that Julia Sandstone is gonna be his "baby momma"!

    These posts about Seymour are really creative and funny ... keep em coming!

  6. Seymore is a hot mess. Is that any way to treat you? I don't know what is wrong with rocks these days? He may need to dry out for a while so jail is a good place for him.

  7. Seymore may mess up but never a dull moment while he is present. Pray for his early return home.

  8. Hopefully this is a lesson learned times two for Seymour. Nip this in the bud!

    Big hugs, honey...

  9. well thank goodness he wasn't "stoned" or he would have been in worse trouble with the police.
    Poor Seymour I think he needs some counseling.
    I hope he does some serious thinking about his rocky behavior.

  10. I bet it's his evil twin Dumore... I did a genealogy on his family line and there's a few fossils and bad rocks on his side. Tee!

  11. Sounds like Seymour is between the bars and a hard place.

  12. LOL . Sandee, this is a time when he really needs you. A lot!

    I suggest you sneak him some champagne when you visit.

  13. Seymour sure is digging himself a deep one. I wonder if a 12 step program might help him. The judge may even recommend it when he goes to court :)

  14. Seymour, Seymour, Seymour....shoulda knowd not to turn you loose in Califorlornia. Drunken joyboating? Knocking up sandstone?

    Didn't you learn anything after the story you told me about how you snuck out of the wall of Troy, and wound up as ballast on Helen's boat back to Greece, only to wind up as part of the Long Walls of Athens?

    Unless you were making all that up...

  15. Poor Seymour! I am sorry for him. It was nice of you not to press charges Sandee. I hope he will be out of jail soon. You will have to keep an eye on him!:) Enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

  16. But the big question is will you be visiting him because it now puts you in the situation of being between a rock and a hard place y-)

  17. Seymour sounds like he's on a bad course. I think he needs counseling.

  18. BOL, oh poor Seymour.. Sorry laughing too much :) Big hugs xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  19. whaaat?? tsk..tsk..poor Seymour, if you happen to visit..send my sweetest regards :D

    when is Julia due??


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