Saturday, March 23, 2013

Seymour #10

Seymour has been a very busy rock and for those of you that are wondering he's not looked out the guest bedroom window in a very long time. I'm pretty sure he has no interest in Julia Sandstone any longer. Family court does, but he doesn't.Bless his little stone heart.

Today is picture day to let you know what Seymour has been up too. He does travel a lot since we are always going somewhere, so he insists on going along with us. He's been pretty quiet since his drunk driving and we don't even want to talk about the court costs and the fine. It's not pretty.

You will remember that we cruised into Marina West YC several weeks ago and of course Seymour went along.  What's the first thing he did?  He found some girl rocks within the first fifteen minutes.  I think he likes big women.  What do you think?

Some of you have been worried about Seymour falling overboard and sinking like the rock that he is.  Not to worry as one of our boating buddies supplied him with his own life vest.

We had a wonderful lunch at Encinal Yacht Club last Saturday and of course Seymour wanted to go along. He sure took a liking to Jesse the office manager. I didn't think Seymour was into anything but rocks, but we may be wrong here. We'll have to limit his contact with Jesse.

Lastly we thought we'd have some champagne before we had lunch and visit with our friends and guess who was on the bar right away? You're right, Seymour was on the bar as soon as he got upstairs. He didn't drink too much though so we were very happy about that and he behaved pretty well all day. Well except for drooling all over Jesse.

He certainly doesn't seem to be a bit concerned about the paternity suit or the drunk diving charge either. I just think he has a couple of things on his mind at all times. Skirts and booze. Bless his heart.


  1. Skirts and booze... well bless his stone cold heart!

    Dang it, that Seymour has a much bigger travel life than I do! Jealous I am! I do LOVE his life jacket! bahahahaha! At least he won't sink.

    Have a funtabulous Saturday honey. big hugs xoxo

  2. I want to know what all those people think about Seymore, all those boating people etc. I guess everyone thinks it is really funny just like us. Seymour, you are causing quite a stir. Glad you are behaving a little better now. Hope all have a great week end.

  3. Say hello to little anchor, I mean Rock, for me. d-)

  4. Boy that Seymour gets around! Skirts and booze..,hey, he's a regular guy who just looks a little irregular!

    Have a fab day. We have sunny sun for now. Big hugs, honey...

  5. You are going to have to keep an eye on Seymour he's right randy for a stone LOL I love his new life jacket..Have a wonderful day, big hugs xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Ohmyeffinggosh... I just spewed coffee from my nose and almost wet my pants from laughing so hard.

    Bless his little stony heart!!!!!!

  7. No doubt, Seymour now likes big girls too!
    have a great day!

  8. Seymour sure has a more exciting life than i do! Have a great weekend Sandee :)

  9. awww, dear little thing... who could get mad at him?

    smiles, bee

  10. Sounds like Seymour is just a typical guy

  11. I think Seymour is just trying to forget and taking his mind off his last misdemeanor LOL

    Have a rocktastic Sunday

  12. This is the first time I've met Seymour - very interesting - I think. sandie

  13. Seymour is one lucky rock Sandee! He is certainly going places. I see that he likes the ladies whether they be rocks, human beings etc!:) I hope his woes will soon be over. It is good that you give him a chance to relax and unwind.

  14. LOL...Seymour always told me he'd NEVER wear orange... ;-)

  15. Seymour might be alright after all. Even if I were a rock I would like Jesse, she is a cute kid.

    You own Seymour but I doubt you could sell him for much. Perhaps you could polish him in a rock tumbler. He could be a pretty smoothed off rock, maybe a piece of jade like my door stopper rock (you keep him away from her!!!).


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