Monday, March 25, 2013


We didn't go to the boat this past weekend as we had our downstairs bathroom floor tiled. We really miss going to the boat if the sun is shining and of course it shined all weekend. I love to read sitting on the back of our boat. There's always next weekend. Bugger.

Speaking of the weekend, having a stranger in your house all day isn't the best thing either. We like our privacy and you just don't have much when a tile guy is in your house all day. For such a small bathroom it sure takes a long time to get the work done. Worth it in the long run though, as the floor turned out beautiful.

I've mentioned my reading the Reacher novels. There are a total of 17 of them and I'm currently on the last book. To say I'm obsessed with this series is an understatement. I pick one up and I have a hard time putting it down. I've other books to read, but I'm going to miss reading about a 6'5", 250 pound, kick-butt ex-Army Major MP. He's awesome to say the least.

Seymour has been behaving very well this past week.  He did supervise the guy that tiled our bathroom.  He did a great job at it too.  I'm thinking he's got more on his mind than skirts and booze, not to much more, but some.  Bless his heart.

Next Sunday we are going back to Encinal Yacht Club for Easter brunch. They have a terrific spread and we went last year. It's a not to miss brunch and we're going to enjoying the day with friends. At noon they have a Easter egg hunt and it's great to see all the little ones filling their baskets. Do you have any plans for Easter?

Have yourselves a great day and a fabulous week.
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  1. I love reading a series. After the Outlander series perhaps I'll read the Reacher books. Or at least try the first one. No Easter plans. Business as usual at the Swamp as we have no little ones to have an Easter Egg Hunt. Maybe my Dad would like to hunt eggs? hahaha!

    Have a lovely day. And Seymour, too. big hugs xoxo

  2. We are working on a road trip for the weekend. If we can find somewhere to stay we our heading south. As for tiler, we did three bathrooms a rumpus room and a hallway a few years ago, our tiler was like part of the family for a month, he even ate breakfast with us.

  3. No plans for Easter other than sitting around the house and most likely eating too much :)

  4. I hope I can catch up with my reading someday soon. I miss finishing a book in one seating.

    Regards to Seymour!!

  5. I love reading,wish I had more time. I know what you mean about a stranger in your house all day.. Glad Seymour is behaving himself, bet it doesn't last..LOL have a wonderful day, Hugs xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  6. Sounds like Murphy's law... plan for an indoor activity and the weather is great. Plan outdoor, and well, you know.

    We had a lovely weekend traversing Upstate NY. Missed our Megan though, very much!

  7. Where is Seymour's Heart located? =))

  8. I really enjoy the Reacher books, too.
    I'm still trying to reconcile the character and Tom Cruise.

  9. Like Barb, after the Outlander series, Reacher is on my reading bucket list.

    We will be with family in Orlando for Easter. Seriously looking forward to seeing everyone.

    Big hugs from cooler WPB, honey...

  10. I prefer reading when I am on the move.
    Have a great Easter brunch!

  11. I love the Reacher books. We listen to those on long car trips. No plans for Easter, as the family is on the other side of the continent. Bummer.

    Enjoy your new floor. Love me some pretty tile. Hubby laughs because I get obsessed with tile.

  12. I enjoy those Reacher books too. Good for you to read them all.
    Glad that Seymour is behaving his rocky self. Glad he helped with tiling. About time he did something useful. Take care.

  13. love those Reacher books! I gobbled them up too fast- I guess there is a movie out based on the books...might be fun to rent. Have a fun week and an excellent Easter!

  14. oh, never heard of them but will go see in the kindle store! thank you.

    tell seymour to behave himself, i have a vested interest in him you know! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  15. Nice week you had, Sandee. If you'd keep Seymour busy around you probably he would hardly ever get into trouble.

    No Easter lunch ideas yet. We have gone to the nice Easter Buffets here at the club, at places around the lake, or some other fancy ones in Houston. This year's we will know by Sunday afternoon.

  16. We feel your pain when missing a beautiful weekend on the boat! We've been working on our rental the past few weekends and will finish up the day before Easter. This Easter will be all about relaxation since our daughter will be on a cruise. Wish we were going with her!

    Glad the bathroom tile came out nice ... and the Seymour has been a good lil rock!

  17. Pleased to hear your bathroom turned out lovely, I suppose Seymour now has tiles on his mind lets hope you don't walk in and he's in there boozing with a bit of skirt :-)

    Looks like this Easter the freezing cold and snow is going too continue just glad we didn't get it as bad as the poor folks up north.

    Have a fantabulous week Sandee and don't do anything I would.;-)

  18. I agree with you Sandee - I hate when workers are in the house all day - just feels so uncomfortable. sandie

  19. I am sorry you were not able to go out on your yacht over the weekend but it is great that the tiling is all done and looking beautiful. The Reacher novels sound interesting Sandee. So Seymour is behaving himself. I think he wants nothing to prevent him from being out at that special Easter brunch!:) I will be spending the 4 day long Easter weekend with my family. I look forward to eating escoveitched fish, bun and cheese and Easter eggs. I also hope to attend Easter Sunday service. Take care and enjoy the rest of your Monday.

  20. Reading in the sunshine on your boat sounds perfect to me! I don't get to read much during tax season since I'm out like a light at night. Our bathroom remodel starts next Monday so there'll be strangers in the house for 3-5 weeks. Ugh!

  21. Too bad he couldn't have tiled the bathroom on your boat. Well I guess that wouldn't have worked. . .

  22. I can't stand it when someone else is in the house. I feel all awkward and can't wait for them to finish the work they are doing so they can get out. :-)

  23. Yeah, Seymour knows how to sit, watch others work, and occasionally make suggestive comments that are usually off-subject.

    "Do NOT!!!"


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