Monday, March 4, 2013


The weather has been fabulous for the last week. We've been in the upper 70s in the afternoons almost every day. The buds on the fruit trees are popping out like crazy. Spring is finally showing itself. We are happy campers.

Seymour has been up to mischief as we all know, but there is even more to tell. You'll have to wait until next Saturday to see what he's done now. That rock is a handful to say the least. He means well, but he doesn't think before he does anything. Just jumps right in and does whatever he wants. He says he get that from his human dad Das Skunkmeister. I think he's probably telling the truth.

Next week I'm hoping to turn over all the treasury paperwork to our new IOBG treasurer. No more lugging around a ton of stuff. I'm the events coordinator now and I like that job just fine. When I was working for the Sheriff's Department I was called 'parties are us' because I did so many events for our sheriff. Big events where multiple events were going on simultaneously in different locations. I loved it.

In our local paper the other day there was an article that our legislators were going to ban smoking in our homes. I don't smoke so not an issue with me, but for those that do it's another matter. Keep in mind we have a democratic controlled state. Here's the part of the news-piece that sent me over the edge: The bill is specific to tobacco products and would not affect marijuana smoking.

On a happier note I wish everyone a terrific week ahead filled with love, happiness and lots of laughter.


  1. I do envy your weather it's a treat in London to get a glimpse of the sun or blue sky heheh!

    I think Seymour is taking liberties and because he is a rock thinks he can get away with it.

    Your legislators are just as nuts as ours and to think these people get paid to come up with these ridiculous legislations smoking whatever is smoking surely, I say sack em.

    Have a rocktabulous day and don't do anything I would ;-)

  2. PS: Try saying Das Skunkmeister quickly after a few drinks ;-)

  3. I want to see weather in the 70's so badly. I hate winter and it seems like it has been here forever.

  4. Our government is getting scarier and scarier as it seeks to control our personal lives! I hadn't heard about this craziness until now.

  5. I am not happy to say that I am still a smoker (although I'm down to less than half a pack a day now from a pack and a half a day). Having said that, I do not smoke in my own home out of personal choice and haven't long before it became popular or before they banned smoking in public areas. And now, having said that, the things that our elected officials are trying to legislate really piss me off sometimes. What's next? Banning red meat because it's high in fat? Or eggs because they're high in cholesterol?

    Rant over.

    Srsly jealous of your 70's. It's 32° here this morning. The same lace where we were in the high 70's - low 80's last week.

    Have yourself a lovely day. And keep an extra eye on Seymour. big hugs xoxo

  6. It be chilly here in South Florida...48 @ 8am!...Those damn Yankees up north keep screwing us every chance they get.

    Glad to here your getting some weight off your shoulders...You as the party Gal seems a great fit!

    Smoke em' if ya' got em'! [even though I don't do either]...Politicians GO HOME, STAY HOME, and don't Legislate...Try DE-Legislating for once!

    PLU from SSF

  7. Can't wait to hear what the Seymour is up to now, that bad boy He needs some training it sounds like So who knows how to train a pet rock
    That is awful about the government banning smoking in people's homes. That sounds nuts to us.
    We are so jealous of your temps. Although it is supposed to be up in the sixties this coming week end. I am soooooooooo tired of being cold. But soon we will be complaining about being too hot. Take care Sandee.

  8. Seymour is going to have you pulling out your hair if you aren't careful.

  9. So you can smoke pot and drink all night and day in your home, but don't light a cigarette .. hmmm.

    The weather sounds great! We've had a few beautiful days here in Louisiana, but the past week has been really cold. Looking forward to better days!

    Seymour is a curious little guy! If he gets outta hand threaten to pull out the crazy glue! =)

  10. Nothing is prettier than California in the Spring time. We were stationed in Merced forty years ago. The almond trees were awesome.

    That Seymore is up to something again.

    Govt. is too nosey. I wish they would leave us alone. They need to mind their own business. I'm glad I don't smoke anymore.

  11. I'm pretty sure that the legislators do this shizzle because they think it is necessary to make laws, even if they are intrusive and idiotic.
    We're seeing so many stupid laws now because the really good ones were already taken.
    Then there's that thing about we have way too many different ways to make laws.

  12. What's weird, we at SF the Bay Area has had the mildest winter in a long time...All the frozen weather has gone to the East Coast...

  13. Well, you know about Washington's marijuana law. Yep, I was on I-5 this weekend and passed a guy smoking weed while driving. Driving high. Idiot.

    I want the government out of my life. They DON'T know what's best for me. Only I know!

  14. Banning cigarette-smoking and permitting pot-smoking at home appears non-congruent and crazy.
    It is spring now, have a great week ahead.

  15. This sort of proposal can only be made by dipshitidiots, to borrow OCD's word. That is just what the majority of politicians seem to be. Sigh.

    I'll be waiting for news on Seymour, that little devil. Glad you are at least unloading some extry burdens, since Seymour is creating a few!

    Big hugs from chilly WPB, honey...

  16. Spring has busted loose here as well. My favorite time of the year.
    As for your legislator, bear in mind the marijuana industry is a heavy contributor to democratic causes,thus, no ban.
    Have you considered obedience school for Seymour? Nothing is more exasperating than an untrained rock.

  17. Being a party gal seems like a lot more fun than treasurer! Oh that frisky Seymour!!! and how in the world will the powers that be control people smoking in their own home? Good lord save us from those lawmakers. I say let's have some intiatives up for a vote against "nanny laws".

  18. The weather "way up here" has been brilliant (unlike the weatherman), too

    Rocky and Stoney run an obedience school here you could send Seymour to

    Are you going to give the money to the new treasurer, too?

    Outrageous is what freakin' pols are
    They seem to think democracy means everyone gets to tell everyone else... except them... how to live
    What a bunch of maroons!

  19. oh seymour! what have you gone and done now honey? is there yet another batch of pebbles on the way?

    smiles, bee

  20. Well .... there's a storm coming your way on Wednesday ... sorry. I don't smoke any more, but these ass wipes have got to be stopped! I really need to move and get my tax paying butt to another state.

  21. You know I'm envious of your weather :)
    The politicians are seriously wacked. I can understand if you are renting and the owners do not want smoking in their building but a home you own you should be free to do as you please. That's just plain nuts

  22. It will be indeed interesting to see what Seymour is up to Sandee! You must have a good time planning all those big events and see everything go well. I wish you continued success. By the way, my giveaway is open to whatever way one follows, including email. Take good care and enjoy the rest of your day.

  23. Upper 70's?! Send us some of your warmth! It's still freezing here!

  24. haha...what about 2nd hand munchies.

  25. Banning smoking is just the first step---the banners will not stop there. Hey they know whats best for everyone even Seymour!

  26. events coordinator- I love that job too! :)
    have a wonderful week Sandee!!

  27. It was in the 50s here today but we still opened windows for whiffs! It won't be 70 until probably June. :(

  28. LOL Sandee ~~ Califorians would not want their pot smoking to be interfered with I am sure. Perhaps they ought to arm themselves like Texans do to protect those rights.

  29. Sandee, good for you! Im jealous:-)
    On the other hand, we are getting too much snow, and Im not looking forward to shoveling later...

  30. Interesting. Was the smoking law info a joke - because it left me laughing.


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