Sunday, January 20, 2013

Silly Sunday

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Climb that Tree

One day this girl, who is wearing a skirt, goes out to play with her friends. She goes to the park and meets a boy. They talk about climbing trees.

The boy says to the girl, "Go on climb that tree."

The girls climbs up and the boy just stands there and looks up at the girls pants. After a while the girl goes home and tells her mum about what happened.

Her mum says, "Oh my you stupid girl he just stood there and looked at your pants."

The next day she went out again with her skirt on and met THAT boy again.

He told her to climb again and she did.

When she got home she tells her mum what happened again and her mum says, "My you stupid girl he just stood there and looked at your pants."

The girl said, "No actually I tricked him, this time I didn't wear any pants!"

Hat tip: Jean(ie) of Life in My Happy Place

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  1. Oh, this one's gonna be trouble, bless her heart.

    Happy Sunday, Sandee! Hope you two are having fun out on the boat! big hugs xoxo

  2. Haaaheeee, I liked it, thanks for my Sunday laugh. I might give that a try ( NO not the pants ) the silly Sunday..:)xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Good one Sandee. Got a good laugh out of that one. Too many of those same little girls running around. Have a super Sunday.

  4. She gets around. She tricked me that same way.

  5. LOL, huaahahaha. Oh no ... This time I do have to say, that girl is really stupid. ~.~

    Have a great day Grandma, :)

  6. LOL! The same thing happened to me.

    I can't link up again. I have a linking problem.

  7. Well, she sure showed him!

  8. LOL, the mother of that girl might want to put her on a short leash.

  9. LOL..she must have been a blond! I love it Sandee! Happy Silly Sunday to you and always ♥ Big Hugs ♥

  10. I am sure her mother was now convinced that she was more than stupid! LOL Have a good weekend.

  11. LMAO good one Sandee

    Have a brilliant week :-)

  12. A gift without the wrapping paper---think that is catching on!

  13. She sure did 'trick' him that time, Sandee.
    Great! LOL!

  14. Hahahaha, she's a little devil! good one,
    Have a great week Sandee,
    Big Hugs to you,
    Janet :)

  15. nyahahahaha!! probably she got that from her mom..hahaha!!

  16. Ha Ha!!! She sure fooled him...

  17. Good trick! Great joke.

  18. ".... young man ... when would you say you *first* got your inspiration to be a gynecologist?"

    .... gotta look at it from the other side of the coin. hahahahahaaaaa Well ... that's what I always told myself during all of those years when I climbed trees. "I just inspired some young boy to be a doctor when he grows up. I am doing this world a service."

    Just sayin'.


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