Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Exam

The Official Texas Sheriff's Exam (Politically Incorrect)

A young Texan grew up wanting to be a lawman. He grew up big, 6' 2", strong as a longhorn and fast as mustang. He could shoot a bottle cap tossed in the air at 40 paces. When he finally came of age, he applied to where he had only dreamed of working: the West Texas Sheriff's Department.

After a series of tests and interviews, the Chief Deputy finally called him into his office for the young man's last interview. The Chief Deputy said, "You're a big strong kid and you can really shoot. So far your qualifications all look good, but we have, what you might call, an "Attitude Suitability Test", that you must take before you can be accepted. We just don't let anyone carry our badge, son."

Then, sliding a service pistol and a box of ammo across the desk, the Chief said, "Take this pistol and go out and shoot:
  • six illegal aliens,
  • six lawyers,
  • six meth dealers,
  • six Muslim extremists,
  • six Democrats,
  • and a rabbit."
"Why the rabbit?" queried the applicant.

"You pass," said the Chief Deputy. "When can you start?"

Hat tip: Nick M.
Image Credit: Wikipedia


  1. totally politically incorrect, but I did laugh :)

  2. I woulda passed 35 years ago ;-)

  3. You sure that wasn't the exam for the Great State of Georgia? Bwhahahahaha! Sooo not PC...but funny

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. so "texas" and so funny!

    smiles, bee

  5. I shared this one.

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Quite an examination Sandee!:) Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Thanks for the chuckle this morning. That was a good one. Hope you are having a great week end. Take care.

  8. hmmm ... at first I was still confused, but finally now I understand the story, hehehe: D

    happy weekend all

  9. Why just 6 Democrats? Lol...

    Have a nice Saturday, Sandee!

  10. Big salutation to the Chief Deputy.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. at the risk of POing some of my texas friens,that sounds about right.

  12. Funny joke, although some Texans might not like it.

  13. Gotta love Texans! hahaha! Good one!

    Have a YAYful day! And don't shoot any wabbits. big hugs xoxo

  14. I would think to replace the rabbit you should add 6 more of each of the others

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  16. Nice joke, Sandee!!! LOL I was wondering myself why just one rabbit when I read this. XD (not really)

    But there is no such thing as the "West Texas Sheriff's Department."
    Each county has its own sheriff's department.

  17. I think I passed. Before I read the punchline I thought "Why the rabbit"

  18. I'm glad I don't live in Texas!

  19. LOL the rabbits must be in their element :-)

  20. oh yes, why the rabbit?? lol


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