Monday, November 26, 2012


Our Christmas tree is up and decorated. There's a ton of red with some gold and then more red. I just love red.

I don't watch a lot of television. Well I guess I don't watch any. We have Netflix and hubby and I have been watching the original Hawaii Five-O. It's pretty good too. I look forward to each evening we're home watching a new episode.

My mother fixed Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner for years and years. She died when she was sixty of Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS). I'm sixty one and I'm pretty young. I learned how to fix dinner just like she made. It's been the best thing I've ever done (well outside of being with hubby). Mom is here every single holiday meal. I sure do miss her, as she was not only my mother, but a good friend too.

Hubby and I have decided that each of us will quit volunteering in December 1016. You'll find us in Hawaii the entire month of January 1017. In other words all our obligations end in December 2016.

Next weekend is a yachting weekend. First there is the change of watch at The Point Waterfront Restaurant on Friday evening and then the lighted boat parade on Saturday evening. I will conduct the ceremony by relieving all the 2012 officers and board of all duties and swearing in all the new officers and board for 2013. It's my last duty as Staff Commodore.

For those that said prayers for Joe Warnock (cancer) I thank you. He passed away this past weekend. Much love to Marilyn Warnock. Joe was a past commodore of Delta Marina Yacht Club.

Have a terrific day and week everyone.


  1. Dec 2016 seems so far away, how did you pick that date? Enjoy your last days as commodore. Happy Monday.

  2. HUGS! Big, HUGS.

    So sorry for your loss. We are dealing with a similar issue in our family right now. Came up rather unexpectedly yesterday. It's been a sad weekend all around, I am afraid.

    I am glad to see you and Zane are going to spend time focusing on yourselves and doing what you love together. I think you are both phenomenal people for all you have done for your boating community. But, well, I am just glad you made the decision you did.

    Much love on this Monday, stay positive. Would love to see your tree!!!!!

  3. Sounds like a great plan to go to Hawaii in 2016.
    So sorry to hear about your friend dying. That is always so sad but at least he is free of pain now. Hope you have a great week.

  4. Happy Monday, we don't usually put up our until a week or so before Christmas. We grow our own in the yard.

  5. It sounds like there are some significant changes in store for you. Change is good, I think. Sorry about your friend, and I don't think we ever get over the loss of a parent. Take care.

  6. Wow, your Christmas tree is done. Even i have not prepared my tree, hehehe
    Mom was able to be a good friend :)
    Perhaps what you mean is December 2012 and January 2017.

    Have a terrific week :)

  7. No tree here at the Swamp... no room. And MotherDear won't be putting her little table tree up since we're going up north this year.

    So sorry about the loss of your friend honey.

    A month in HI sounds divine... except for the waiting 3 years part. That part sounds hard.

    Have a lovey day. big hugs xoxo

  8. I can see your tree just as you described it. I bet your excited about next weekend, I would be too. I am sorry for the loss of your friend and my prayers are going out to his wife and all of his family and friends Sandee.

    Have a wonderful & blessed week honey ((HUGS))

  9. i know you are coming with me and d#1 this trip, as always. i hope the ship is decorated because my house is not! ha...

    smiles, bee

  10. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's passing. Prayers to his wife and family.

    Your mother was so young. My mother was 64 years old when she passed. I don't think one ever gets over the loss.

    I wish you posted pictures of your tree. It sounds beautiful.

    Your future trip sounds awesome. Counting down the years and days.

  11. I also like to see lots of red at Christmas time Sandee! I used to watch many television shows but these days I would rather be in front of the computer. You certainly had a wonderful mother Sandee. My condolences to the relatives and friends of Joe Warnock. May his soul rest in peace.Enjoy your last duty as Staff Commodore and the yachting weekend. Have a good Monday.

  12. I'm sorry to hear of your friend's passing. Sending up thoughts of strength, wisdom, faith and peace.

    My mom loved Christmas. She had a certain way she liked her tree. All covered with those tinsel icicles and store-bought glass ornaments from the mini size to gigantic. All solid color glass (except for the clip on glass birds).

  13. I bet the lighted boat parade is spectacular.

  14. Extra hugs on the loss of your friend. That is always hard. Glad you got the tree up. I'll put up my little table topper this week while I have the boys here. Big kids are on a cruise, but I can't advertise that:)

    Glad to hear retirement will finally totally kick in! Sounds like a plan.

    Big hugs, honey...

  15. I thought about getting my tree up over the weekend but that's as far as I got.
    A whole month in Hawaii, that would be awesome

  16. So sorry to hear of your friend, I know how it is to miss your Mom, Iv still miss mine too, sometimes I make her meals too and it brings her back to me. I'm glad you have some good plans ahead for you and the hubby!
    Janet :)

  17. My redneck antecedence quit doing a number of things in December of 1016, too ;-) So said my reintarnation spirit, channeling my pet rock, who denies it happened. Seymour says no reintarnated voice that tawks lik tha' thar kin has speeks h'yar...I think Seymour just got channeled...

  18. So sorry about your friend passing. Prayers to his family.

    My Mom passed 11 yrs ago, (seems like yesterday) at the age of 70 from heart diease brought on by diabetes. They could never control her diabetes, even with a pump.

    Great goal you have for Hawaii in 2017. That will be awesome. Imagine a whole month of having no obligations, just laying on the beach with a good book. Paradise!

    laters, ~Sandy~

  19. I used to like Hawaii Five-O and those old hour-long drama shows. A lot better than most reality TV.

  20. So sorry about your friend. I dream of spending a whole month or more in Hawaii one day too! If only it wasn't so hard to get kitties from here to there. I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  21. What a lovely post Sandee

    We still get the original Hawaii Five-0 on one of our Satellite channels along with The Lucy Show and Beverley Hillbillies etc slotted in among the UK oldies.

    I was watching The Judy Garland Show recently the guest was Bobby Darin thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Have a great day :-)

  22. If we put up a tree, it will be on the wife's birthday, a week before. If she wants one, she gets it for her birthday present. That's what she got when she was a kid, so it's a tradition. One year, she was feeling pretty sad, I surprised her a ten foot living pine.


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