Monday, November 12, 2012


Some people in the blogosphere are so very negative. Really a turn off. I think I've pretty much culled all of them out of my blogging life.

Also some bloggers are so opinionated it's unreal. Only their opinions count and the rest of us know nothing. What is wrong with these people?

On the flip side I've a bunch of really great blogger friends. Thank you for being there. I love you bunches and I know you know who you are.

I mentioned that I didn't have a childhood. I didn't. I lived in a war zone. My father was a tyrant and it was his way or he'd beat you up. I know. Why my mother stayed with him is a mystery. My uncle (dads brother) was even worse than my dad. He'd get mad and beat the crud out of the whole family. Auntie stayed with him too.

I treated my son with kindness and respect. I didn't want to repeat what happened to me. I'm forever thankful that I could see what needed doing to make sure my son had a childhood.

It's house cleaning time, not that there is much to do, but getting ready for the holidays makes one shine things up a bit. I'll be shopping for turkeys and spiral hams this week too. We do the same holiday meal that my mother made for years. I'm so glad I wanted to learn what she prepared everything. The entire family is too. My mother loved the holidays and loved cooking for everyone. I sure miss her.

Everyone have a terrific week ahead.


  1. Every good parents certainly wish the best for their children. At least their children's life are better than the life of his parents.

    Have a terrific day, Grandma Sandee :)

  2. I tried very hard not to be the kind of parent my mother was, I may not have been perfect but I think I did a little better.

  3. Holy crap, honey. I can't imagine how awful that must've been for you. All my Dad had to do was look me in the eye and tell me that he was disappointed in me and I'd melt into a puddle of embarrassment and sadness. My parents weren't hitters. Although there were times a couple of my brothers probably would have benefited from a good old-fashioned over the knee bottom smack!

    I'm working very hard on getting my mother to scale back her usual holiday meals. Nobody can possibly eat all that she likes to cook and leftovers don't last that long. Not to mention, she just isn't as young as she once was and hasn't got the stamina to do it anymore. And I won't eat any of the starches and fats anymore! So there's that!!!

    Have yourself a perfectly lovely day! big hugs xoxo

  4. Someone once told me that you can learn something from every situation, even if it's how NOT to do something. I think that philosophy applies to parenting as well. I am sure that your son appreciates your choice to break the cycle.

  5. I love you too :)
    Sorry about your childhood. I had no idea. Your son sounds like a lucky boy.

  6. I do share your affection for your mother especially during festive seasons.

    I am reminded of our popular Indian festival Diwali (which will be celebrated tomorrow). We make special milk sweets and snacks my mother used to do in her good old days. We do miss her now.

    Family bondage remains the same wherever you live.

    Family bondag

  7. I'm sorry about your childhood Sandy. I didn't realize until I was grown just what a good childhood my Mom and Grandparents gave me. Dad was usually out of the picture.
    My Mom passed in 2001 and I still miss her every day.
    I luv the holidays, especialy Christmas. Always have!
    Have an amazing day! ~Sandy~

  8. That is too bad you didn't have a good child hood or a child hood at all. It sure sounds like you are going to have one wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.That is just terrific. It is so nice to hear positive thoughts. And positive is the way to be. It sure keeps you healthier and happy. End of lecture. Take care.

  9. Glad you turned out so well. I don't share those types of things, but my childhood as well was lacking.

  10. love these insights into you honey. you are such a wonderful friend and i treasure you.

    and i don't want to revisit childhood. nope.

    hugs, bee

  11. Your love for your children and grandchildren sure comes out in your posts Sandee! I am sorry that you faced challenges during childhood but happily it has not prevented you from being a wonderful person and parent. I like the idea of a Thanksgiving holiday. It is always good to give thanks. Take care and have a wonderful Monday.

  12. Sorry such a sucky childhood...glad you turned it around.

  13. One of the things I'm most proud of is breaking the cycle of abuse in my family. My son never knew what it was like growing up that way. I'm glad you're a survivor, too many let it destroy their adulthood also.

  14. You are to be commended for breaking the circle of abuse you experienced yet refused to pass along to your children. I hope your son understands your accomplishment and appreciates it.

  15. Some husbands can be real a$$holes, I was that way when I first got married and it took a few years to outgrow it. Married in my middle years and it took a while to realize that I wasn't fully in charge. My wife is gone now, but I'm so grateful for the last 30 years we spent together. I won't do much for the holidays short of going to the kids.

  16. I broke the cycle of abuse, too. We finally got lucky.

    Big hugs, honey...

  17. It's good that you were able to break the cycle and could provide a good life for your son. So many seem to get trapped and end up repeating what they grew up with.

  18. Nothing I can say can take that hurt away. But I am so glad you learned from it. Not that it was worth enduring for that lesson, no doubt you would be a spectacular mother without having to have endured that nightmare of a childhood.

    I try just as hard to not be a negative person thats one of the traits from my upbrining that I work so hard to break.

    "Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company." - Booker T Washington

  19. Hugs. I know that was rough. I was lucky. I melted at the "disappointed look" like Barb did. That got me more than anything.

    I can't believe the holidays are upon us. Time flies by too fast. Way too fast. Have fun with your preparations.

    I need to think about thanksgiving. Haven't gotten that far yet.

  20. I can feel from here the excitement of your big holiday :) Turkeys and ham! Yummy :D

    I can't imagine how hard it was for you and your mom and I admire her for raising you well despite of that hardship. I'm sure your son is proud of you. You are a good person Sandee.

    Have a nice day ahead!!

  21. I guess we share not so happy childhood! Makes us very happy adults :)
    I love holidays. Finally tried all the baking out and can make it without a booboo. Hehe!
    Hugs from Ohio,

  22. Thank you, Sandee, for sharing this. It must be terrible for her thinking that she couldn't leave.

    I am glad that you broke the chain in the raising of your son.

  23. Sorry to hear that about your dad I always find the kids that grow up with that in their lives always turn out to be the opposite and are
    thoroughly decent people just like you ;-)

    I agree with you about the negativity online mind you people do tend to say things that they wouldn't dream of saying to someone's face which says a lot about them.

    Have a brilliant week ;-)

  24. the super negitive people I can do without as well.

  25. I'm sorry to hear about your childhood but thankfully you were able to overcome to be a better person and a wonderful mother to your own son. We're all very grateful to be blogging buddies with you too!


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