Saturday, October 27, 2012

Comment Game

It's time to play the comment game again. We are home this weekend, but we're going to the boat on Tuesday so we can spend Halloween on the water with some boating friends.

Here's how it goes: I'll start the game off at the bottom of this post by choosing two words or phrases, like coffee or tea, and which ever one you prefer you choose. You can also explain why. When you have done that you do two new words or phrases for the next commenter to choose from. Feel free to come back as often as you like. Just have fun. If someone derails the game will one of you put it back on track? Thanks.

First comment: Car or Pickup/SUV?


  1. Car!

    Main Dining Room or Lido Deck? (I'm in cruise dreaming mode now!)

    Have a lovely weekend! big hugs xoxo

  2. haven't been on a boat/cruise so I'll choose both :))

    Desktop or laptop?

  3. Laptop

    book or magazine?

  4. Book

    Cake or ice cream LOL

  5. me? duh.... CAKE!

    blizzard or hurricane?

  6. Hurricane (actually neither, but a hurricane is warmer)

    Grits or home fries

  7. Home fries (I can't get grits past my eyes)

    Dogs or Cats

  8. dogs... definitely dogs for me...
    happy weekend, y'all!!!

    black or white?

  9. Black, I seem to like Black clothing, so that' why I chose it, Happy Weekend to all of you too, and Sandee I hope you have a great time out on the Boat on Tuesday, it sounds like a great way to spend a Halloween, speaking of Halloween....which would you choose,

    Trick or Treat??

  10. Treat- luv treats, especially the sparkly kind, lol.

    Jam or jelly?

  11. Jelly,especially Grape.

    Corn Flakes or Weaties?

  12. Wheaties,

    Hot chocolate or tea?

  13. Have a nice weekend and a nice Halloween, Sandee. Being on your boat sure does beat sitting in the dark all night.

    Tea because I don't like hot chocolate. But I like coffee better than tea.

    Oranges or apples?



  14. I like both but i think oranges

    Comedy or Drama

    Have a great weekend

  15. Comedy! Dramas too much to handle.

    Have a nice weekend. Sandee, have fun on the boat!

    Pop or Jazz?

  16. Pop.

    Pop/soda or juice?

  17. Sounds like a nice way to spend Halloween.

    I think I'll take juice since I'm trying to cut back on pop.

    hard candy or chocolate in your treat bag

  18. I'm a chocoholic so definitely chocolate
    TV/movie preferences: Comedy or drama

  19. Comedy - I'm needing a good laugh!

    Mountain or beach vacation?

  20. Mountain - because I am a mountaineer, hohoho ;)

    Beef or chicken??

  21. Yes!

    I'm a carnivor, so both are definitely on the menu.

    Mustang or Camaro?

  22. Definitely the Mustang! My first car was a 1967 Mustang. Wish I still had it!!

    Morning person or evening person?

  23. Certainly, i'm a morning person. I always try to sleep well at night.

    swimming or jogging?


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