Monday, September 10, 2012


I had a great weekend on our yacht club cruise out. We went to Rio Visa for our yearly commodores picnic except this year it was called the commodores luau. Yes we had the whole pig with the works. Awesome.

Next month I'll move from the position of treasurer of IOBG Delta District 19 to Secretary. A few more years and then I'm not going to volunteer for any other work at yacht clubs. It will be time for hubby and I to do whatever we want to do. We'll have volunteered for over a decade to various clubs.

I mentioned that when I asked my father if I could go to college he replied, "Why, you're just going to get married and have babies." I'm the only one of my siblings that got a degree. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Management and graduated with a 3.96 GPA.

Summer is coming to a close and I enjoy autumn, but I don't care for winter one bit. I hate the cold. I could live on some tropical island year round and would be quite happy. I'm a fair weather girl.

Hubby and I want to take a month long vacation in the winter to some place like Kauai, Hawaii or St. Thomas. Now that would be snow-birding in a big way. It will be after Little Bit crosses the bridge so I'm hoping it's a very long time from now.

Have a terrific Monday everyone.


  1. Hi Sandee! You can also have your vacation here in the Philippines :)

  2. Good for you on getting your degree! Your Dad would have been right with me, as that truly IS all I ever wanted to be; a wife a mother. Goes to show you it's good to have a contingency plan, eh?

    I thought living in Florida would be awesome until I realized that with tropical you also get hurricanes and tornadoes and miserable degrees hot for 9 months of the year. I would love a place that was more temperate... like 50-s to 70;s all year.

    Have a lovely day, Sandee! big hugs xoxo

  3. I love these fragment posts with little insights into your lives.

    I do hope your dream vacay is a long time away, I can't imageine the depth of loss if Little Bit were to pass. Just saying!

    I have a BBA, too! I don't remember my GPA but I was given a fancier tassle than most to wear at graduation, so I am guessing it was up there. :) Cum Laude maybe? But def. not Magna.

    We are quickly approaching my favorite time of year and last night's temps... upper 40s was an instant reminder! I love it!

  4. Sandee- I knew you were smart, but 3.96 is close enough to perfect,to be perfect.

    Happy Vacashe, although your start date is prefaced by :( ...

    Plenty of room for you here in South Florida...Stuart has a big-O-river and the Ocean for you and hubby to play with your boat in...and it's really not that hot...being on the water is cooler and besides...that's what AC is for!

    Come for a visit and see!

    PLU from SSF

  5. Kauai is beautiful but can be very rainy and the beaches aren't good with stiff currents. A month might be a long time there. St. Thomas is great.

  6. you are "fair" by heart too!

  7. i also LOVE these peeks into you! and lots of people winter here in west palm beach, lots and lots!

    congratulations on that degree too!

    smiles, bee

  8. I hate the cold weather too. Hopefully we don't get any ice this winter. That month long vacation sure does sound good but I too hope it is a long ways off if it depends on Little Bit. Take care.

  9. I have a BSBA and majored in beer and had a 2.56 to show for it... LOL

  10. Yacht club cruise out with a roast pig ... sounds like a great weekend!

    After so many years of volunteering, you deserve some time with your hubby to do "whatever you want"! =)

    I'm also the only one that graduated from college ... also with a Bachelor's in Business Management. I'll always be proud of this accomplishment! Our daughter is a junior at LSU ... so hopefully she'll get her degree too!

    I don't like winter either ... a vacation in Hawaii or St. Thomas would be perfect for Christmas!

  11. I think winter makes you appreciate the warmer months much more. Or maybe I'm just trying to mentally prepare myself for the winter ahead. I'm already considering switching out my summer clothes for winter...

  12. I'm not a fan of cold weather either. Autumn has moved in here, we went from highs of over 100 to highs in the 80's in one day. I'll enjoy the next few weeks, then it will start being too cold for me.

  13. 3.96...smarty pants.

    Where were you when I needed tutoring?

  14. My own fragments in response:

    - Happy Monday and week ahead to you!
    - My GPA was a whopping 3.18 I mastered in mediocrity, but only got an associate degree to show for it.
    - I didn't get a bachelor's degree. I AM a bachelor, and didn't feel the need to be degreed to prove it ;-)
    - wherever you vacation, enjoy!

  15. 3.96, WHOA, you are one smart cookie :)
    I hate the cold too but unfortunately I'm in the wrong part of the country

  16. Good plans, good plans! Pack me up for the winter with you, will you? ;)
    Started to work on my BA. Too many years to go. But I'll keep going :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

  17. My vote is for W Palm Beach:) Call me selfish. Yes, you are one smart gal. I knew that from the git go.

    Big hugs, honey...miss ya...

  18. Sounds like you had a great time. And that extended vacation sounds like something to look forward to.

  19. Glad to hear yopu had a great weekend.

  20. I am glad you had a great weekend Sandee! I like your plans for the future and I wish you good times.

  21. Thank you for sharing, Sandee. I'm with you about not liking the cold. But the hot is just about as bad. Hawaii get very hot during the day. So hot that shorts are the dress for the day of most men, even in offices and church.

    Do you use Quick Books in your treasurer duties? Mrs. Jim does. She is on the board for our local Family Promise unit and has been treasurer now for two years. She has learned Quick Books by doing and with the help of Quick Book for Dummies, etc. She has never taken an accounting class. I help her some in that area.


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