Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dave and Linda

This is the completed Story Game of "Dave and Linda" that you all did an outstanding job in authoring.

Dave and Linda just got married, but her new mother-in-law doesn't care for Linda one bit. Her biggest dislike about Linda is her unfeasibly large square shaped breasts and the feather in her hair. But she decided she'd try anyway so she put a feather in her own hair, but it was way bigger and more colorful than Linda's.

When Linda saw the feather she vowed to get even with her Mother In Law and get an even bigger feather plus two or three feathers in her bonnet. Then, Dave walked in the door and found himself in that awkward moment of having to decide whether to compliment his wife or his mother, or both. He decided to just turn around and walk the other way. He knew there was no winning in this situation.

Meanwhile, Linda was having trouble finding the right bra for her ample square breasts, until she came across something at a garage sale. It was the cutest wire cupcake rack but there was one problem the straps were too short. So she took two feathers from her hair and fastened them into the straps to make them longer. But something was still missing. She asked her sister-in-law (who by the way had a very poor relationship with her mother) for suggestions. Betty Lou told her to be like Stress Dog. If you can't play with it, eat it, then pee on it and walk away. Indeed, she walked away laughing after peeing on her mother in law's feather.

But wait the real reason her mother-in-law did not like her was because she took her precious little son away from her home where he still lived until the wedding. You see, the mother-in-law hates her husband and the only male she can stand is her son. That leaves Linda only one option... she has to find a way to get rid of her mother-in-law.

Dave and Linda come up with a brilliant plan of buying mother a beach house in Jamaica, as she's always wanted to live in Jamaica. Soon after she moves to Jamaica she meets a great Jamaican guy and they fall in love. Dave and Linda hardly ever hear from mother now. Life is good.

Contributing authors (In order of appearance):

Steve of Stevebethere
Empress Bee of Muffin53 part deux
Don of Don E. Chute
Marg of Margs Pets
Sandy of Traveling Bells

Barb of TheDailyGs
Odie of Woodsterman
Stephen Hayes of The Chubby Chatterbox
Jim of Jim's Little Blog
Emma Springfield of Nature Center Magazine

Ann of Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap
Mike Golch of Golch Central's Rambling Stuff
Rocks of Rocks Daily
Weezie of Lucky Lady
Rhonda of Laugh Quotes

Ending the story winners:

Judy of Judy H-J's Thoughts - A Twinless Twin
Jean of Life in My Happy Place

A great big THANK YOU to everyone that contributed to the Story Game. You are all awesome!


  1. hahaha! Well, let's see... how about letting stress dog EAT the mother in law.

    Have yourself a YAYful day, Sandee! big hugs xoxo

  2. Don't have a clue how to get rid of the Mother in law. I understand they are really hard to get rid of. Have a great day.

  3. Hahaha...never dull at this site.

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. This story has turned out to be very interesting Sandee! Sorry I missed out on participating. Well,one way to get rid of the mother-in-law is to buy her a lovely house by the beach in Jamaica!LOL She will love it and be in another country far away! Have a good day Sandee.

  5. Use the feathers to tickle her funny bone...then she won't be so cranky.

  6. Anyone know a literary agent we can submit this to?

  7. Bwahahahahahaaha! I love these stories! They always crack me up.

    I'm with Judy, but add a nice jamaican man to keep mother-in-law "happy" so she doesn't come back!

  8. Linda told her mama's-boy husband that they should give "Mama" an extra-special birthday gift because she is such a loving woman and mother. A special cruise would be perfect. Linda booked the cruise herself. The name of the ship was the Flying Dutchman. Once at sea the ghost ship would put every passenger to work. Of course the Flying Dutchman never puts to port again and Linda and hubby live happily ever after.

  9. LOL ~~ I would poison the mother-in-law.

    We got you a nice story, didn't we?

    Have a nice day, :)

  10. I believe this one needs a part 2 :)

  11. I would buy her a one way ticket to paradise with the Jamaican man. Then maybe she'll forget all about her son! Funny story, made my day!
    Janet :)

  12. That was a good and funny story :) I'm glad I contributed :)

    Can't wait for the next story game :D

  13. Every time she visited I would put episodes of Murder She Wrote on a loop that should stop her coming around

  14. hahahahahahahahahaahhahahahaahaahah...... very good nice

  15. I have to agree with Ron, Divorce. It worked for me...

  16. Hi Sandee,
    I am here smiling away! It is great that you like the ending that Jean and I came up with. Imagine I was late in participating and managed to come up with an ending!:) Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.

  17. I like happy endings, doesn't everyone? Good thinking, Judy and Jean.
    This one is great, good choice, Sandee!!!


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