Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kids on Medicine

"For asphyxiation: Apply artificial respiration until the patient is dead."

"For head cold: Use an agonizer to spray the nose until it drops in your throat."

"For a nosebleed: Put the nose much lower then the body until the heart stops."

"For fractures: To see if the limb is broken, giggle it gently back and forth."

"For dust in the eye: Pull the eye down over the nose."

"Blood flows down one leg and back the other."

"When you haven't enough iodine in your blood you get a glacier."

"Before giving a blood transfusion, find out if the blood is affirmative or negative."

"Many women believe that an alcoholic beverage will have no ill effects on the unborn fetus, but that is a large misconception."

"A permanent set of teeth consists of eight canines, eight cupids, two molars, and eight cuspidors."


  1. I love the kids ones the very best... use an agonizer... LOL!

    Happy weekend, Sandee! big hugs xoxo

  2. Giggle that bone, that should work for sure. Laughter fixes everything. Kids are the greatest. Have a great week end.

  3. I'm not sure that I have ever seen eight cupids in the same place. I've been looking for love in all the wrong places. Just sayin'.

  4. That last kid must have looked into my mouth.

  5. I always thought that blood flows down one leg and up the other. LOL! When standing, the process takes longer.

  6. Beware of cuspidors in the mouth!!!

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. In the service I was a dental tech. and made a few sets of teeth like that for fun.

  8. Eight cuspidors? Belly laughed at that one!

  9. well that explains it! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  10. I hope none of them become doctors!

  11. All very funny with my favourites being about the agonizer and blood transfusion!:) I hope your weekend is going great Sandee!

  12. kids make medicine interesting!

  13. all my medical questions answered right here in one post :)

  14. where can I get agonizer spray? hahahaha!!!

  15. Those are hard questions, Sandee!
    LOL ~~ How many permanent teeth did you have (maximum) and what are their types? I for sure couldn't answer that one. Cuspids, bicuspids, molars, and 'cuspidors'?


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