Friday, July 27, 2012


Word verification sucks. The new one that blogger put out is almost impossible sometimes. It sure makes it difficult for old eyes to see what to type. I hate it and if I'm still visiting you and you use word verification then I must like you an awful lot. Sigh!

Have you noticed how some folks are overly sensitive on the Internet? I do mean OVERLY sensitive. They will admonish anyone and everyone over the slightest little thing. In other words if they don't share your opinion on any given issue it's war. Most of them you can't trace back to a website. Cowards.

The world is getting crazier and crazier and people seem to be getting more hateful. I live in the central valley of California and homicides are a normal part of the area. We just had a murder/suicide two days ago. Just down the street from us.

Why is it that all the really good food is fattening and if it's not all that good you can eat all you want? Pretty much true.

While I'm on the subject of food, remember when you were young and you could eat anything you wanted and you didn't get fat? Yeah, me too. It sure has changed now that I'm in my 60s.

Also, when you looked hot in a bikini (okay, swim trunks for you guys) you couldn't afford to buy one, but now that you can afford one, you don't look hot at all. No matter what you wear. Bwahahahahahaha. This really does crack me up.

I think I've rambled enough so have a terrific weekend everyone.


  1. Woof! Woof! Interesting those Bloggers word n numbers verification. We had the hardest time reading them on the 2 blogs we recently visited ... YES mom agrees on you about really good foods are not really good for your body. Happy Friday! Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  2. WV is not for me. If a blog is running WV they will not be getting a comment from me.

    I have never even once in my life wanted to wear a bikini. Truly. Even when I had, as MotherDear called it, an hourglass figure.

    Have yourself a YAYful day honey! big hugs xoxo

  3. Not sure what's going on, but it seems that all the good is gone. From most people that is. I see it every day at work.... One nice patient has to make your day, 'cause the rest of them will be meaners :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

    P.S.: You can use any of my cute or not so cute pics ;)

  4. I never will use WV...and i will NEVER moderate comments[although I am having a bit of a problem with disqus at the moment]

    If you really want to have a free and flowing discussion why put these roadblocks in front?

    Love ya and your getting quite sneaky Sandee:-) PLU from SSF

  5. I HATE word verification! I give a huge sigh when I see it.

    I truly despair at what has happened to humankind over the last 50 years.

  6. I also hate word verification. It is the default for blogger and many people don't get into their settings to fix it. The blog writer never sees it on their own blog. I have a site that teaches these things. It's a work in progress. Take a look.

    Also, I still look good in a bikini.

  7. Great thoughts!

    A while back you mentioned how difficult the word verification was and I immediately removed mine from my site. I hate it too! Sometimes it's so difficult to see it, and it's such a pain. Instead of word verification, I just approve the comments before they're posted. That way the commenters don't have to deal with all of that!

    Yes, people are overly sensitive and the world is definitely getting crazier. I'm sure you've seen your share as a retired cop.

    Hope you get to escape all the craziness with some time on your boat! Have a great weekend!

  8. I'm glad you said something about Word Verification because I'm having a harder time reading them than ever before. I didn't mind so much when they were much simpler but now I have to do them over and over because I type in the wrong thing.

  9. I like your rambling, Sandee. LOL though on a few, most are really true.

    My pick is the word verification. For years (since 2005) I haven't been using it. But lately I was getting five or six robot written spam comments a day on my main blog. Word verification stopped that completely.

    Comment moderation didn't stop the spam messages, but they sure were piling up in my inbox waiting for me to be exposed to all the ENLARGEMENT ADS and the SEE MY PICTURES requests.

    This I had to suffer through to publish every comment. Besides I had to hand publish ever comment that was being made. COMMENT MODERATION IS NOT THE ANSWER for me although I do require it for every comment on a blog post over ten (10) days old.

    I detest comment moderation worse than word verification an my user standpoint. I do respect, however, some very legitimate needs for this. The most important use I can see is to stop the BLOG STALKERS from publishing their harrassing posts.
    Sorry I rambled. I will try taking word verification off again in the fall. Before I took it off for a couple of weeks but right away the spammers were there.

  10. Sandee, I do appreciate you doing the WV on our blog. I got to the point where I would rather not have the comments from people that can't be bothered with the WV than the 200 spam comments which meant I spent the entire day deleting those comments. I seem to get plenty of comments so guess some people are able to deal with the WV. And like I said, I appreciate you coming to our blog. Big hugs to Little Bit.

  11. With you on the word verification thing. That is another reason I went with wordpress over blogger. I have to hit refresh 20 times just to make out the words.

    And what is up with me not being able to just put in my name/url over here anymore....making me sign in to comment. I must really like you. haha

  12. Why is it that all the really good food is fattening and if it's not all that good you can eat all you want?
    Haha, great minds think alike, I was bemoaning my new diet today. You should try it; I feel great!

  13. we've become such an overly sensitive, polarized society. It saddens me.

    And people choosing bad over good (consciously!) really discourage me.

    But then I see bright pockets of good and hope... it brings back my faith.

  14. I wish I didn't have to use Word verification, but since I started using it has helped to keep away most of those pesky spammers!

    You are not joking about the increasing numbers of crazies... London is full of them!

  15. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has problems with the word verification thing. There's no reason at all that they have to make the letters that difficult to discern.

    And of course the idiots who leave the most negative comments rarely have the courage to stand up and give their real name or website.

  16. Willy put on his bikini today and looked in the mirror. Willy still looks pretty good.

    Just a minute let Willy get his glasses so he can see what he is wearing better. Just a minute that is not Willy's bikini. That is Mrs. Willy's support bra. Man it fits Willy better than it does her. Something is wrong with this picture.
    10-4 Willy

  17. I agree with all that although I'm too shy to wear swimming trunks ;-)

    That blinking word verification does my head in takes me a few refreshes to even remotely get it :-(

    Have a fantabulosa weekend

  18. I've found when I get one I can't read, I mistype it, and I get another one...I keep 'verify shopping' until I get one I can read.

    So there, Blogger...neener boo boo.

  19. And I don't go near the beach any more. Greenpeace is forever trying to push me into the water...if they truly want to save the whales, tell them to keep whales out of forests during logging operations...

  20. I hate the word vericationas well. I hate that poeple hide as well.I look like a beached whale in swim trunks. so I don't wear them hell I won't even take my shirt off in public. and a good rant is always good to read.Big time Hug.

  21. I am also one who hates WV. I might READ the blog, but won't comment unless it is very, very special.

    Sending big hugs from hawt jawjah, honey...

  22. oh i love this post~ sorry i'm late too. i get so wrapped up in things i get behind but i'll always be here!

    hugs, bee

  23. I am glad I found out how to turn off word verification. At times it is not easy to figure out the words and numbers. Stressful! On the subject of food, I often wonder why many that are delicious are considered not good for us but others that we do not like are considered healthy!:)


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