Friday, June 8, 2012

More Weird Stuff

In France, people eat approximately 500,000,000 snails per year.

Approximately one billion snails are served in restaurants annually.

Over 90% of all fish caught are caught in the northern hemisphere.

75% of fish caught are eaten - the rest is used to make things such as glue, soap, margarine and fertilizer.

Over the last 40 years food production actually increased faster than population.

The average person eats almost 1500 lbs of food in a year.

Carrots have zero fat content.

Carrots were first cultivated in Afghanistan in the 7th century, and they started with yellow flesh and a purple exterior.

Chocolate is the number one foodstuff flavor in the world, beating both vanilla and banana.

Native Americans never actually ate turkey; killing such a timid bird was thought to indicate laziness.

The amount of pizza eaten each day in the USA measures between 75 -100 acres.

Found on the seal of a bag of bagels: New and Improved - Made the old fashioned way.


  1. They were quite interesting :-)

    have a brilliant weekend :-0

  2. Another fun fact I bet you didn't know... Italian food in America is better because we use import cheese from Italy. In Italy they use domestic cheese.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. New and improved. Made the old fashioned way! Ha ha ha!

  4. Carrots are my favorite vegetable, even though eating them my entire life hasn't changed the absolutely horrible eyesight I have been blessed with. Y'all.

    Happy Friday! Well, you're retired. But still. big hugs xo

  5. Wow, that is one bunch of snails. Glad I don't live there. I can understand the chocolate being popular. Those sure were interesting facts. Have a terrific week end.

  6. I don't think I have ever eaten a snail.

  7. New and improved--made the old-fashioned way! Love it!

  8. I bet that most of those snail-eaters were on cruise ships. I'll skip those... thank you.

    Love the bagel thing. Ya know, we grew up selling bagels for school fundraisers $1/dozen... Now we pay $3 for one bagel. Sheesh!

  9. The Indians were conquered because they didn't eat well enough.

  10. Jean, I'll take your share of snails, thankyouverymuch! Mighty interesting facts. Purple carrots???

    Big hugs, honey...

  11. New and Improved- Made the old fashioned way. Too funny, thanks for starting my weekend with a great laugh.
    Amazing facts though.

  12. 500 million snails!? Where do they get all these snails?

  13. One billion snails YUK, lol!

    Have a wonderful weekend Sandee ((HUGS))

  14. I'm not surprised chocolate is #1. I've helped it achieve #1 status.

  15. sandy can have my snails too! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  16. Hi Sandee ~~ Weird indeed!
    Did you know that Americans eat a lot of dirt? We eat over 12,958,069,340,000,000,000,000 Pounds (US)of it!

  17. New and improved made the old fashioned way. That's priceless

  18. So France consumes half of the snails caught?

  19. weird but interesting stuff! :) have a happy weekend Sandee!

  20. snail appearsto be a FAST food in France!

  21. Interesting and informative!


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