Friday, May 4, 2012

Things I Lernt...

Living in the South:

A possum is a flat animal that sleeps in the middle of the road.

There are 5,000 types of snakes and 4,998 of them live in the South.

There are 10,000 types of spiders. All 10,000 of them live in the South, plus a couple no one's seen before.

If it grows, it'll stick ya. If it crawls, it'll bite cha.

Onced and Twiced are words.

It is not a shopping cart, it is a buggy!

Jawl-P? Means, Did you go to the bathroom?

People actually grow, eat and like okra.

Fixinto is one word. It means I'm going to do that.

There is no such thing as lunch. There is only dinner and then there's supper.

Iced tea is appropriate for all meals and you start drinking it when you're two. We do like a little tea with our sugar. It is referred to as the Wine of the South.

Backwards and forwards means I know everything about you.

The word jeet is actually a question meaning, 'Did you eat?'

You don't have to wear a watch, because it doesn't matter what time it is, you work until you're done or it's too dark to see.

Hat tip: My Alabama buddies ♥♥Dave and Linda♥♥


  1. We like okra... but we are too lazy to grow them. Its very nice when its steamed.

    Don't try to make porridge with okra. You just get a gooey gunk.

    Have a great weekend Sandee!

  2. I am not from the south but I like the sound of saying squeet. (It is what I say to my wife instead of Lets Go Eat.

  3. And the name "Ed" has 3 syllables when pronounced correctly; 4 if you're from Mobile, AL.

    Have a lovely day.! Big hugs xoxo

  4. Those sayings are all so familiar to me. Too funny. But it seems I still have some notherner left in me because I sure don't like Okra. No thank you. But the South is just great. Take care Sandee and have a super week end.

  5. I was born and mostly raised down here and some of those baffle even me lol Prolly because my parents are yankees :)

    I don't like anything okra.

    I never knew onced adn twiced were words.

    You did forget about the water bugs though lol

  6. Very interesting facts as always Sandee! I hope your Friday is off to a good start. I am pleased to inform you that I have just passed on 2 awards to you. Have a great weekend!

  7. Actually, southerners work from "can to can't", which means from can see to can't see. MM would work himself to death in Alaska during the summer!

    Have a great w/e. big hugs, honey...

  8. Don't forget the collard greens either!

  9. I'm sure there are lovely people down there, but for many of the reasons listed I doubt I'll ever live in the South.

  10. You know you're a Redneck when you didn't need to read your explanations.

  11. kind of interesting!
    have a great day!

  12. my husband and I both like okra too but we don't grow them here in the city :)

    have a great weekend too Sandee!

  13. Chicken hawks are fair game! Fried squirrel on sunday---after church! Snaping turtle on saturday night with Jax Beer. And a thousand other things that make a true southerner.

  14. All except for the okra, that sounds like my neighborhood. And I'm okay with that.
    Have a great weekend Sandee.

  15. Just so everyone knows...I love all things southern. I find southern folks to be very warm and loving. They are indeed my favorite kind of folks.

  16. Love the 1st one. And it's not a shopping cart or buggy it's a shopping trolley

  17. the store owner where I work always refers to the shopping carts as buggies

  18. Southerners have their charm!

  19. I have never had Okra I am officially Okraless :-)

  20. Good ones, Sandee. Mrs. Jim, being from Louisiana, is true to only half of these.
    "Jawl-P? Means, Did you go to the bathroom?" to Mrs. Jim is wrong. Don't use the word 'all' with you or any other unless you are talking about more than one. She asks, "how can all be only one?"
    To a Midwesterner, there are two lunches. One between breakfast and dinner and the other between dinner and supper. Mom would make sandwiches, cookies, tea, and a piece of fruit for her lunches for us.


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