Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Email Hacked

Last week my email connected to my website was hacked. I'm sure I'm to blame, but not sure how it happened. In any event if I adversely impacted anyone in my address book I am very sorry. It took me well into the next day to get my email account back on line as AT&T suspended that account. All is well with the world again, but here's the culprit of this hack. You would have received an email from me with the following message:

wow this is crazy you should give it a look http://www.wa15news.net/jobs/?read=0791408 or;
this is intense you should check this out http://www.nb15news.net/jobs/?read=0776072

If you clicked on this link I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a good thing. In any event this site sent out a lot of emails from my account.

I checked with WOT (Web of Trust) and found that this site is caustic:
Warning: Quarantined. IP/Hostname/Website found involved in various Dangerous/Suspicious activities.
  • Attackers who try to spy or remotely control others' computers by means such Microsoft remote terminal, SSH, Telnet or shared desktops.
  • Threats for email servers or users: spiders/bots, account hijacking, etc.
  • Sites spreading virus, trojans, spyware, etc. or just being used by them to let their authors know that a new computer has been infected.
  • Threats for servers: exploits, fake identities/agents, DDoS attackers, etc.
  • Threats for mobile systems: virus and trojans spreading, smartphone data-harvesting etc.
  • Port scans, which are the first step towards more dangerous actions.
  • Malicious P2P sharers or bad peers who spread malware, inject bad traffic or share fake archives.
For security reasons it has been placed in a preventive Quarantine status. Any operation involved with it, is strongly discouraged.

Reason of the Quarantine: Involved on spreading of an huge quantity of UCE/UBE messages. Data obtained from a reliable listing service."
Next I wanted to know who was assigned to this website and here's what I found out.

Service Provided By: Center of Ukrainian Internet Names
Website: http://www.ukrnames.com
Contact: +380.577626123

Domain Name: WA15NEWS.NET

Creation Date: 12-Apr-2012
Modification Date: 12-Apr-2012
Expiration Date: 12-Apr-2013

Domain servers in listed order:

Olga Golubeva
ul. Pushkina 98 56
Barnaul, 656000

Bless her heart.


  1. Woof! Woof! Sorry to hear your email was hacked. Every time we receive similar emails we never open it. It is interesting what you have gathered. Golden Thanks for sharing and hope it will never happen again. Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  2. That bites.It's sad that some folks think they can screw over anybody just because they are to lazy to do honest work.Hope things get better for you.

  3. Yep, I got one, but knew immediately that it was NOT from the "real" you. That delete button worked just fine. I have no patience with hackers. Off with their heads!!!

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. I wish I could understand what they actually get out of hacking and causing other people misery.

    Glad you have it all sorted out again.

    Does this mean you didn't receive my emails I sent you?

  5. What Sandy said. It went straight to my Spam folder where it was unceremoniously deleted. Off with its head!

    Some people apparently have nothing better to do.

    Big hugs xoxo

  6. Well, that's why my blog life is separated from reality buy a google email account. There's a lot of that going around I'm afraid.

  7. Thanks for the warning. Another blogger I followed was hacked and I received a fake message begging for money. Strange times we live in.

  8. Stuff like that really P's me off! Glad you got your email back!

  9. I didn't get one of those emails, but rest assured: when I get an email from someone I know that appears well out of character for them, I never click on a link therein. NEVAH.

  10. Sandee, I am so sorry this happened to you. Like everyone is saying, it is sad that people have nothing better to do but making other people miserable. That really stinks. I change my passwords about every two months, maybe a little less. I am glad you got things squared away.

    Have a wonderful day ((HUGS))

  11. This is an inevitable inconvenience with the web world. We have to grin and bear. Your article is informative and useful in the event of any such hacking. Thanks.
    have a great day!

  12. That's terrible, but at least you caught it. I disable (admin privilege only) the mail outbox on my sites, as I rarely send anything out. If I do, I have to enter a password. So Far so good.

  13. Sorry Sandee that has happened to you. Another friend of mine had the same thing happen. I am sure if I got anything like that, I just deleted it. I don't open anything unless I know exactly who it is. Hope you got it straightened out. What a pain.

  14. Frankly, I think these people who do things like this -the hackers -should all have fine copper wire strung around their most valued body parts and then, tied very, very tightly!
    I got, I think, 2 e-mails from another blogger (not from your account though) similar to those you said you received but I didn't open 'em. I will send him and e-mail now though to tell him what's apparently happened with his e-mail.
    Now, since you are quite the sleuth and tracked down all that information, maybe you could also track down who the spammers are that keep hitting my blog? Sure would like to eliminate those fools too!

  15. Hi Sandee,
    I was sorry to read that your email account was hacked. It is really annoying when something like this happens. We need to be so careful about the links that we click. Anyway, I hope your day has been going well. Take care.

  16. I have suffered from hackers on a couple of occasions and it is real pain. Just makes me improve security on my laptop and blog.

    At least you have sorted the problem...

  17. what a headache. I really don't understand what they get out of targeting average every day people. Glad you got everything straightened out

  18. My email account connected with my blogs was also hacked several months back. A few email were sent out with attachments and I was notified by friends. Put in a much more complex password.

  19. Sorry to hear that happened to you, but you seemed to have figured it out quickly and probably prevented a lot of damage that could have been done.

  20. This makes me furious, glad you tackled it quickly, Ive seen this several times with friends and has happened to me once to an old Yahoo account I had a while back.

    Since then I now change my password every so often just as a preventive measure to my GMail account and no longer use the email client on my PC.

  21. Sorry this happened to you. I got one of the emails but didn't click the link--just seemed a bit fishy.

  22. wow...good thing you got it back, some of my friends lost their accounts completely. It happened to me too sometime 2010 and from then on I change passwords from time to time. Have a great day Sandee!!

  23. Scary stuff Sandee! I just got back from the islands and have been reading your posts and catching up. Glad all is well, and I've made a habit not to click on any links in an email if it's not something specific.

    Sad people have nothing better to do than hack other's accounts!


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