Monday, May 7, 2012


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One of my favorite babies on the Internet is Gracie who owns Barb of The Daily Gs. Isn't she the most regal looking girl? Don't tell anyone, but Gracie is my favorite cat in the entire blogosphere.
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  1. Gosh! She sure is a cutie pie! I wonder where I could get one just like her? ;-)

  2. I won't tell a soul, especially KC and Missy! They are outside hunting right now, so they will not see this. No sirree. Hey, beautiful Gracie. I know you are a sweetie pie...

  3. Gracie you are just so beautiful!! And you are definitely an Awww...Monday sweetie pie!

    Happy Awww...Monday everyone :)

  4. This is a stunning picture - what a beautiful cat!

    Have a great week!

  5. what a beautiful picture,perfect

  6. oh my, Gracie is beautiful. I just want to reach in through the screen and hug her

  7. She is very regal! Great pose.

  8. I agree Gracie does look regal heheh! a big awww!

  9. So adorable, great photo of her.
    Have a great day!
    Janet :)

  10. your blog is not only nice and wonderful. It does gives goose bumps at times but I still want to read as being too inquisitive into it. At the same time, you said, you won't bite me this time! Well, can you switch off some gadgets at your side like layout so that the eyes that drool down the screen wont feel bad about the whole thing.
    It's just dinze the eyes! Hope my suggestion is good.


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