Friday, April 27, 2012

The Year is 1951

Since I was born in 1951 I decided to see some of the things that happened the year of my birth.

1951 unemployment dipped to 3.3% in the US and new roads were built to take the ever increasing numbers of cars including the New Jersey Turnpike.

Children were given more than any other time in previous history with guitar lessons and sets of Encyclopedias to improve their minds.

The average family income was $3,700 per year and people had money to spend so cars became more luxurious and had more powerful engines with options for two tone paint, during this time things like turn signals were still an extra and most drivers still used hand signals to tell other drivers which way they were turning.

Europe continued to export many cars to the US including Volkswagen's and Austin's.

Cost of Living 1951
  • Yearly Inflation Rate USA 7.88%
  • Average cost of new house $9,000.00
  • Average wages per year $3,510.00
  • Cost of a gallon of gas 19 cents
  • Average cost of a new car $1,500.00
  • Loaf of bread 16 cents
  • Pound of Hamburger Meat 50 cents
  • Bacon per pound 52 cents
  • Eggs per dozen 24 cents
  • Water heater jacket (asbestos) $4.59
  • Baby diapers (cotton) from $2.79
  • Children's tricycle from $14.00.
Technology 1951
What Events Happened in 1951
Popular Culture
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Born This Year
Do you remember some of these things? All of them? None of them?


  1. funny i am watching a "i love lucy" episode while i type this! some things last and others don't!

    smiles, bee

  2. 'I love Lucy' is a great program. We remember all that stuff and more. We remember before TV. Yikes. That was fun learning all those things. Have a super week end.

  3. The popular Music list is still relevant today...well except for Mario. Never heard of him

  4. Memories of lots of good things happening then. Of course I was only one. LOL!

  5. Very interesting information Sandee! My late brother Sutcliffe was born in 1951. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  6. good old golden days...!
    have a great weekend!

  7. Why you're just a baby. I was 4 and remember very little.

  8. I didn't know RnR was that old. Somehow or other I thought it came later in that decade. I do remember sitting in a 'new' car with my mother in '53ish as she was trying to figure out the blinker lever (she had never seen/used one).

    Have a great w/ you always seem to do. Big hugs, honey...

  9. I wasn't born yet. But I can identify with the music and the movies. That's the old soul in me.

  10. Bearman, Mario Lanza was a male singer with an awesome operatic voice. He was also in many films during that time. One awesome voice!!!

  11. I wasn't quite yet alive, but am familiar with the era. Ignoring the politics; How much from that has evolved into classic status, such as I Love Lucy ( I still do), and the films; also in 1951;
    The Thing (from Outer Space; The Man From Planet X)
    Disney's Alice In Wonderland
    And for books; Catcher In The Rye

    And of course, you. So 1951 was a very good year. Great post, made me reminisce a bit. Have a great weekend Sandee.

  12. I was born in '52 so you've got a jump on me by one year. I can't say I remember these things because I was too busy blowing spit bubbles in my crib and playing with my toes, but this must have been an exciting time to be a young adult.

  13. I was born in 1954 but I LOVE all of the music (and the cars) from that period! Mario Lanza was my very first Tenor crush, although the records were very scratch-y sounding. I got into BIG trouble for playing some of my Dad's records on his Hi-Fi! My grandfather had a '56 Chevy and my ex-husband had a fit when he found hound my grandfather traded it in on a 1970-something Ford Maverick for next-to-nothing!

    Ah, the good old days, eh?

    Big hugs from gorgeous south jawjah! xoxo

  14. Except of a couple of bad events in your Event column, 1951 was not a bad year at all ;)
    Would not mind to be born then either!
    Have a wonderful weeekend, Sandee!

  15. I wouldn't mind buying a couple of those houses!

  16. '51 was a great year and I remember it well. The A-Bomb test was scary. Let me present a little know fact--in the early 1960's there were two underground A-Bomb test in southwest Mississippi. I was in school at USM just a few miles from ground zero and recall that day vividly!

  17. Thanks for checking in on me. I'm hanging in there.Hope you have a great weekend.

    Big Hugs!

  18. Loved it

    The Day The Earth Stood Still is still shown regularly on TV here in the UK it was shown again just last week :-)

  19. I love this kind of stuff. I used to work for a company that would print out birthday paper for everyone with all this stuff on it.

  20. Nat King Cole and Tony Bennett..good music/songs lasts forever I guess :)

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend in your boat Sandee!!


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