Monday, April 16, 2012

Fun Facts - Part IV

A dime has 118 ridges around the edge, a quarter has 119.

A one ounce milk chocolate bar has 6 mg of caffeine.

A toaster uses almost half as much energy as a full-sized oven.

A volcano has enough power to shoot ash as high as 50 km into the atmosphere.

About twenty-five percent of the population sneeze when they are exposed to light.

Airports that are at higher altitudes require a longer airstrip due to lower air density.

Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952, but he declined.

Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were both epileptic.

All babies are color blind when they are born.

Americans did not commonly use forks until after the Civil War.


  1. A one ounce milk chocolate bar has 6 mg of caffeine.
    A one ounce dark chocolate bar has 600 mg of caffene.

    A volcano can shoot its ashes as high as 50 km into the atmosphere.
    I want my ashes shot out of the atmosphere into outer space.

  2. I am one of the 25% who sneeze... ack!

    Motherdear likes to use the toaster oven AND the oven whenever she's baking 2 things at different temperatures rather than averaging them out. She can't be bothered to do the math anymore. I guess she's earned that right, right? Right!

    Have yourself a lovely day! And thanks for featuring Tucker Scissorhands on Awww Monday today!

    Big hugs xoxo

  3. i KNEW it! i always sneeze when i first get in the sunlight! sarge used to tease me and say i was allergic to the sun and make fun of me. it's not just me! thanks!

    smiles, bee

  4. Those are some mighty interesting facts. I sure didn't know about the fork deal. Hope you have a great week.

  5. Very informative and interesting Sandee! Thanks for sharing and have a good day.

  6. Thanks for these interesting tidbits. Now if I'm ever on Jeopardy I just need to put these answers in the form of questions.

  7. A volcano has enough power to shoot ash as high as 50 km into the atmosphere.

    So how far will it shoot your ass? haha

  8. That only proves that epileptic people can do great things!

    Those were interesting facts Sandee...have a great day!!

  9. Yikes. I live near three volcanoes. Just sayin'

  10. Despite epilepsy Alexander and Caesar were great warriors.
    Have a great Monday!

  11. Interesting facts that are all new to me. Thankfully there are no Volcanoes in the UK...

  12. I did not know any of these. Except the babies. Same for puppies. Dogs are actually color-blind their whole life.
    Have a great week, Sandee! :)

  13. Color blind @ birth? Didn't know that. I could explain air density once upon a time, but do know for sure about the longer runway need. True that.

    Big hugs, honey...

  14. I suppose before the fork, it was the spoon---multi-purpose. Forks can be dangerous with those sharp prongs.

  15. My ex husband was color blind. I always knew he was an overgrown baby :)

  16. So what happens if you eat your chocolate bar on top of a volcano with a color-blind baby?

  17. Another interesting set of facts especially liked the sneezing one.

    and that's a fact :-)

  18. Yep, I sneeze when I look at a bright light.

    and if they didn't use forks...what did they eat with? Their hands?

  19. Einstein was also offered the presidency of the first university in Israel. He turned it down too, but did work with them. Great facts.

  20. No wonder you're so smart, Sandee! These are cool.

  21. LOL at Binky. What if you sneeze while you are holding the color blind baby at the EDGE of the volcano and Einstein comes along and says he wants to be president?

    Run. The volcano is full of zombies.


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