Sunday, March 11, 2012

Silly Sunday

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Why Women are Happier than Men
  1. Aren't forced to compensate for their fathers' lack of childhood sports skills every Saturday morning throughout their formative years.
  2. Can sit and read every time they go to the bathroom.
  3. Can spend time alone with Catholic priests, Boy Scout leaders, and Baptist Youth ministers without feeling sexually threatened.
  4. Don't worry about going bald.
  5. Don't have to constantly answer "What are you gonna be when you grow up?" shortly after their third birthday.
  6. Don't have to run a super-sharp piece of metal over their facial epidermal layer each and every morning of their adult lives.
  7. Can bludgeon someone to death with a baseball bat and then get off scot-free by claiming a "hormonal imbalance."
  8. Can commit cold-blooded murder and not only get off scot-free, but end up with a book deal and an appearance on Oprah merely by mentioning "years of violent spousal abuse."
  9. Know exactly what to do when a child is sick.
  10. Don't have a freaky, semi-oedipal relationship with their overbearing mothers.
  11. Don't ever have to spit.
  12. Don't ever have to hold one nostril shut while blowing a huge loogie out the other.
  13. Have an astute, innate sense of when to change underwear before it becomes a Petri Dish for bacteria development.
  14. Never pull a back muscle screaming at the television during a sports event.
  15. Don't have to worry about which family member will inherit and care for their collection of baseball caps.
  16. Never lose six hours on a Saturday morning watching fishing shows on OLN.
  17. Can tell their doctors anything.

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  1. I don't even known what OLN is. Srsly.

  2. #4 It's too late for me to worry.

  3. oh my, #12 gave me eerie flashbacks to life with my first husband :)

  4. plus we get better looking shoes!

    smiles, bee

  5. See I knew that women were better off than Men. No.11 is just perfect. Have a super Sunday. Hugs to Little Bit

  6. LMAO @

    Don't ever have to hold one nostril shut while blowing a huge loogie out the other.

  7. Love it! And number 7, that opens a whole world of possibilities. Just kidding, but I think it was my favorite. Happy Silly Sunday and thanks for the linky.

  8. Love #8. It does seem like women often get away with murder. I know my wife probably will.

  9. You have certainly made me laugh on this Sunday afternoon in Jamaica! Take care and have a great week Sandee.

  10. Women can bring home the bacon AND cook it! These made me laugh.

    Big hugs, honey...

  11. Good ones, Sandee! LOL, those ladies!

    Mrs. Jim gets pretty wild when LSU is playing football (# 14)!

  12. This is why women can be dangerous.

  13. Good list...though #5 isn't exactly valid anymore. Times they are a'changings


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