Friday, March 9, 2012

Men are Happier

Why Men are Happier than Women

We keep our last name.
The garage is all ours.
Wedding plans take care of themselves.
Chocolate is just another snack.
We can be president.
We can wear a white T-shirt to a water park.
Car mechanics tell us the truth.
The world is our urinal.
We never have to drive to another gas station because this one's just too icky.
Same work, more pay.
Wrinkles add character.
Wedding dress - $5000; tux rental - $100.
People never stare at our chest when we're talking to them.
The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected.
New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle our feet.
One mood, ALL the time.
Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.


  1. Yep! spot on LOL

    Have a great weekend :-)

  2. My Dad HATES talking on the phone. srsly. When I talk to him on the phone when they're up north for the summer I KNOW the faces he is making because I see them the other 10 months of the year. LOL.

    Big hugs xoxo

  3. This is too funny! Have a great weekend!

    Big hugs,

  4. Those all look so true. Men sure have it easy peasey. Have a great week end Sandee.

  5. Ain't it so! And they don't have any 'monthlies.'

    Have a great w/e. Big hugs, honey...

  6. You forgot that breaking wind can be a contest with us.

  7. sounds about right!

    smiles, bee

  8. We don't have panty lines and now, with GPS, we don't have to ask for directions either. God is good...

  9. We may not know where we're going but we're never lost.

  10. Haha! What a life :)
    Have a great weekend, Sandee!

  11. Why am I sooooo happy MOST of the time(??)!

    Good one again, Sandee. I especially have a place for "# 15. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle our feet. I buy a new pair of shoes every three or four years. I have my running shoes for every day, black walking shoes for Sunday and going out, and sandals which need replacing. Oh yes, golf shoes but I'm not playing now yet since my surgeries.

  12. It's still a man's world :)

  13. Boy am I lucky---had a 50-50 chance and I got the brass ring!!!

  14. I'm coming back as a man in my next life!

  15. Or a cat ... cats have it even better!

  16. some things in life just aren't fair :)

  17. That covers most of it.

  18. Ah, so THIS is the reason I have to check my urge to smack S.D. every time I see him. lol

  19. This is so funny Sandee! I hope your weekend has been going great.

  20. Love #8
    #9 is so funny


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