Friday, February 10, 2012


The picture below is a couple that we recognized on the ship and thought they had been BC4 cruisers last year on the Glory.

When we finally talked with them they corrected us quickly by saying they are members of Stockton Yacht Club. Our club cruises into Stockton Yacht Club every May. What a small world.

Our next port of call is Maui, Hawaii. I've been here before many years ago. It sure didn't look the same.

Well it did when we bussed into Kāanapali. I'd recognize that strip of upscale hotels anywhere. The next two photographs were part of the hotel grounds (Hyatt Regency) and to say the hotel was beautiful is an understatement. In checking the room rates it would cost about $500.00 per night for an ocean view. That's pretty pricey in my book.

The luau show was very well done and they have a built in place to perform (Drums of the Pacific Lu'au Grounds). When you click the link you can learn more about the luau and also see the menu. Yes the pig was done in the ground and we got to see them take it out. It was moist and very yummy. There were about 600 guests that evening and six lines for the buffet. It went really fast. The show was based on all the different cultures that ventured to Hawaii and what they believed. The costumes were very colorful and the dances were awesome. We enjoyed this excursion very much.

The most fantastic and exciting part of the Luau was this guy. He was amazing and the video, although very good, just didn't capture all his talent.

A luau (in Hawaiian, lū‘au) is a Hawaiian meal. It may feature fish and wine, such as poi, kalua pig, poke, lomi salmon, opihi, haupia, and beer; and entertainment, such as Hawaiian music and hula. Source: Wikipedia (Luau)

I didn't try the was purple and I just couldn't do it. The meal was fabulous and plentiful, and you could even have seconds. This was a great taste of Hawaii.


  1. oh wow!!!! that guy is so good!! amazing talent!! :)

  2. Did you have the pork from piggy made in the ground? On my bucket list for sure!

  3. Wow, that guy really is good. I might have been nervous watching that fire spin around. Guess they know what they are doing obviously.
    Looks like a lot of fun. Take care.

  4. I think we went to the same luau. My wife won't let me drink Mai Tais anymore.

  5. Wow! What a small world, indeed!

    I have been to a few luaus... at Disney Hawaiian Village. It's probably not quite the same. :)

    And I had chicken. :)

    Big hugs xoxo

  6. What moves! Amazing for sure. And talented.

    I just knew y'all would have fun.

    Big hugs from soggy So. FL, honey...

  7. when we went i did try the poi, it tastes just like it looks, purple glue... blech!

    and it IS a small world!

    hugs, bee

  8. Oh wow... I so want to go!

    I love it when I meet "neighbors" while traveling. Proves that in the grand scheme of things, it is a small world.

  9. cool,yep 5 bills a night way out of my league.

  10. this just makes me want to see Hawaii even more. I'm going vicariously through your posts, but still not the same. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I've just gone through your last 4 posts & it looks like it was a fantastic cruise indeed. Got some wonderful photos there.

  12. well it is a small world isn't it. How cool.
    I'm suddenly hungry for roast pig :)

  13. It's funny how you can run into people you know it the most unlikely of places. Heck, I have a friend who literally ran into a fellow classmate of ours in Times Square on New Years Eve.

    The luau sounds so much fun, I think my stomach is growling just from reading about the meal!

  14. Sounds like the luau was a lot of fun, and tasty, too!

  15. He was brilliant looked like fun I liked your photo also :-)

  16. I too would be leary of the purple poi. If I remember right it is a nondescript brownish grey. Regular poi has no taste but is very good for you, lots of fiber and very few if any calories.

    We stayed probably where the Hilton was for a week. Had an ocean view too. It was an old 'tear down' motel using wood siding. Probably wasn't $500 for the whole week.

  17. Very interesting and such wonderful pictures. It is a small world indeed Sandee!:)

  18. The Fire guy sure puts on a great show. The Hawaiian meal sounds like delicous, apart from the poi!

  19. Fabulous! I just love Hawaii through your eyes.


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