Saturday, February 4, 2012


Today we are back in San Diego and we'll get off the ship, catch a shuttle to our Honda and then head home. Life is good. Thanks for coming along. I'll have some posts up about our trip as soon as we get the pictures downloaded. I'm sure there are many things I want to tell you so give me a few days and I'll do just that. Life is good.

Note: Comment moderation is on as I will not be monitoring the comments until my return. Don't worry you don't have to type in anything. So please leave a message and I'll make sure that I publish all the good comments and delete all the spam comments as soon as we get back home.
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  1. I can't wait to hear all about it! Welcome home! Little Bit will be thrilled to see you, I know!

    Of course you'll have to make your own bed and fix your own meals again. Bugger that!

    Big hugs xoxo

  2. Welcome home, my dears... you were missed.

  3. Glad your trip was pirate free.

  4. Welcome home, honey. Life is still good, despite you-know-what. Que sera, sera. But it doesn't mean we have to like Sarge being gone.

    Big hugs, honey...

  5. Welcomw Home.I look forward to seeing the pictures.

  6. Welcome home, I have been following your escapades and will look forward to seeing your pics :-)

    Have a great week :-)

  7. It seems like you have had a fantastic adventure on the cruise ship. Welcome home...

  8. I look forward to seeing the pictures Sandee. The cruise ship looks great!

  9. Welcome home. Been enjoying your trip and looking forward to the photos.


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