Thursday, February 2, 2012


This is our last sea day and tomorrow we'll be in Endenada, Mexico. After a few hours there we'll head back to San Diego. It's been a wonderful trip and we'll find tons of things to do today. We'll also probably take in another show and just enjoy all the entertainment Carnival Spirit has to offer. I wonder what kind of towel animals will surprise us after we return to our suite at night. We'll take a picture of every single one of them. Life is good. WYWH!

Note: Comment moderation is on as I will not be monitoring the comments until my return. Don't worry you don't have to type in anything. So please leave a message and I'll make sure that I publish all the good comments and delete all the spam comments as soon as we get back home.


  1. Towel animals! I'm hoping to take some photos of those son. Linda and I are talking about a cruise to Maine and Canada in June! Woohoo!

    Enjoy your last sea day honey. They go by so fast, don't they? Big hugs xoxo

  2. Big hugs and welcome back home when you read this

  3. I've been following your progress every day. For many reasons, I'm sure it has been a memorable trip. You guys are great examples of how to be good friends and to live life.
    Big hugs to you and Zane.

  4. WWWT2! Can't wait to see all your photos.

    Big hugs from sunny FL, honey...

  5. I've had towels folded into swans and teddy bears, but nothing as provocative as this bunny of yours. Watch out: you know what they say about bunnies.

  6. can't wait to see what towel animals you ran into on this cruise. This one is a cute one


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