Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Honorary Degree

A rich man walks into the Dean's Office at a small college. "I'd like to donate several million dollars to the institution."

"Why, that's very generous of you."

"But there is one condition: I'd like you to bestow an honorary degree."

"That's no problem; no problem at all."

"I haven't finished. I want an honorary degree for my horse."

"Your horse?"

"Yup, you bet. She carried me for many a year and I owe her a lot. I'd like her to receive her Tr.d. - Doctor of Transportation."

"I'm sorry, we can't give a degree to a horse. What will people think?"

"Well, I'll just take my donation to another educational institution."

"Wait, wait! Let me consult with the school trustees." The dean calls a hurried trustee meeting and relays the details of the deal. All of the board except the oldest member reacts with shock and dismay. The oldest trustee looks like he's sleeping through the meeting.

After all the arguments, the old man says, "Take the money and give the horse the degree."

"What? Don't you think that would disgrace the college?"

"We give honorary degrees to lawyers, don't we?"

"Yes, but ..."

"We give honorary degrees to politicians, don't we?"

"Yes ..."

"So what's wrong with giving an honorary degree to the entire horse?"

Hat tip: Phil of Phils Phun


  1. Hard to argue with THAT logic! ahahahaha!

    Just over a week to go... the excitement must be mounting!

    Big hugs xoxo

  2. Brilliant! Finally, a worthy recipient:) hahahahaha

    Got your list made? Check it twice. Big hugs, honey...

  3. Hahaha! Nothing wrong with that at all :)
    Have a great Tuesday, Sandee!

  4. Very well put. I like that one. Of course I definitely think the horse should get a degree any way.. LOL. Take care Sandee. Big hugs to Little Bit.

  5. The horse is probably the most deserving anyway. :)

  6. That's funny. Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

  7. well said the old man.

  8. I love it! Thanks for the laugh.

  9. Har-de-har-har! Now that was funny.

    Have a great day!

  10. I would'nt have guessed the ending Sandee!
    Not after the Tr.d distracter. LOL!!! :)

  11. I don't know where you find these, but they're sure funny.

  12. good one! and the cruise is fast approaching! woo hoo you!

    smiles, bee

  13. I'm with the oldest trustee LOL :-)

    Have a brilliant day ;-)

  14. "BUTT" its the truth!

  15. What about Mr Ed...bet he got one.

  16. Hahahaha!! That old man is so right! :)

  17. The horse would probably cause them less embarrassment.

  18. Hahaha! He made a very valid point there. :)

  19. very, very true, and the horse is more deserving that is for sure!

  20. I love lawyer jokes. This is a new favorite.

  21. Ofcourse the horse is more deserving than those game players. Looks like the old man compared the lawers and politicians with the tail and stuff of the horse, so he said entire horse.


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