Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day VI

This morning we find ourselves in Hilo Hawaii. We decided to book the excursion to Volcano National Park because the Hawaiian Islands were all formed by volcanos. We find this fasinating and am sure that we'll have a great time. We'll then explore the bay. Life is good. WYWH!

Hilo, HI - You'll be intoxicated by the fragrant orchids and antharium which fill the air. This is Hawaii's second largest metropolis, yet it remains a quaint city of Victorian homes which overlook a half-moon bay. With its magnificent Japanese Yedo Garden and a half-hour walk through verdant tropical forest opening into the awesome beauty of Akaka Falls, Hilo is one of the most scenic tropical cities in the Pacific.

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  1. ahhhhh...

    How marvelous! I can't wait to see you in those photos! I just know you two are having the best time! Good for you!

    And yes, I am more than just a tad jealous, but that's OK! Enjoy! Big hugs xoxo

  2. Looks like paradise to me!

  3. oooh, get some good volcano pics!

  4. oooh, get some good volcano pics!

  5. Can't wait to see all your photos! It is such a beautiful island. We want to go back some day.

    Sadness here, with Sarge's latest news. Hold Zane real tight. Hugs to you both, honey...

  6. Hawai,
    when we are here with Snow outside;-)
    You deserve of course a change and we would have loved to join you....

    May be we see you in Michigan in July?

    T and A

  7. Hope you bring back lots of pictures

  8. When you get off the ship, get lost and don't come back! That's what I'd do.

  9. Hi Sandee ~~ I know your Volcano National Park will be nice. About everything in Hawaii is nice.

    We stayed several days in Hilo before we did the youth camp on the mountain.

    Be sure to eat Hawaiian coconuts whenever possible. They are sooooo sweet. That is because they can be picked riper for eating rather than shipping.

    If you buy a case let me know and I will give you some storage tips.

  10. Yay!!! Hawaii!!! That is a beautiful photo. You're sure gunna have your work cut out moderating all the comments when you get back.


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