Monday, January 23, 2012

Day IV

This is our third sea day and I'm sure we are having a blast. Our personal vacation planner Edward Garcia (Miami, Florida) said he ordered up some great weather for us and as he takes such good care of us I'm sure we are having fabulous weather. Anyway, one more sea day after today and then it's the Hawaiian Islands and lots of fun things to do.

By now hubby and I have a good sense of what the Spirit has to offer and I'm sure we're having the time of our life. We are so addicted to anything boating, but the big ships are the best. Just show up and have a good time while everyone else does all the work. My kind of cruising. Life is good. WYWH!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time. Enjoy the islands.

  2. I am so envisioning your trip on the beautiful Spirit. We were on it when it was brand new back in '01. In AK. Hope your weather is as fabulous as ours is here in WPB.

    Love you guys...

  3. I hear there was an earthquake in Hawaii yesterday. No damage thank God.

  4. That made me laugh when I read "I'm sure we're having a blast" :) I bet you are though

  5. Hi Sandee,
    It is good to know that you are having a whale of a time! Continue to enjoy your vacation. Take care.

  6. I hope you two continue to have the utmost of fun!

  7. Just show up and have a good time while everyone else does all the work.

    I wish the Navy had've been like that.


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