Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day II

Today is the first day of four sea days. Did you know that the Hawaiian Islands are about 2000 miles from the mainland of the United States. I didn't know that either until I looked it up. Today you'll find us exploring the ship and perhaps some reading. The next four days are all about resting and enjoying a slow pace. We might catch a show or two, and since the piano bar is now non smoking we just may check that out. Want to come along Barb? We'll buy you a nice glass of red wine. Life is good. WYWH!

Note: Comment moderation is on as I will not be monitoring the comments until my return. Don't worry you don't have to type in anything. So please leave a message and I'll make sure that I publish all the good comments and delete all the spam comments as soon as we get back home.


  1. Oh, yes! PLEASE!

    Relaxing while somebody soes everything for you. Watching, listening and smelling the rhythms of the sea as you make your way towards the tropical South Pacific islands of HI... Ahhhhh... And taking in the Piano Bar at night. Now that's about as close to Heaven as I can imagine.

    Let's see, you each have 2 glasses of champagne each at dinner? So the total is now 4 glasses. Check.

    Big hugs honey xoxo

  2. Enjoy your sea day. Hope you're reading a good book.

    Greetings from rainy and windy Washington State

  3. I can almost feel the waves. Don't get too close to the rail.

  4. I heard Hawaii is somewhat like the Philippines..being tropical and both have the Pacific ocean :) Wishing you'll visit us here someday!

    Enjoy the rest of your sea days!!

  5. Dick and I want to join you two and Barb in the piano bar! Love that it is non-smoking. Love it! WWWT:)

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. Rest & relaxation is definitely the way to go. My time at sea was spent working. Unfortunately the Navy doesn't put much effort into building luxury ships.

  7. have a dod for me!

    smiles, bee

  8. in the uless facts catagory did you know that the Hawiaan islands were once called the sandwich islands?
    Sandwich Islands was the name given to the Hawaiian Islands by James Cook on one of his voyages in the 1770s. James Cook named the islands after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, a supporter of Cook's voyages. The Sandwich Islands continued as the normal English name for the island until the mid-1890s.

  9. o gosh have an awesome time!...stay in touch plzzzzzzzzzzzz! ((HUGSS))

  10. Four days of R and R sounds perfect! Hope it is wonderful.


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