Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesdays Question

It's Wednesday so that means it's question time. There isn't a right or wrong answer to this question as everyone has different opinions on any given issue.

So here's this weeks question: It seems that more and more people are less and less tolerant about anything and everything. Why do you suppose that is?
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  1. Government propaganda, PC brigade

    Here in the UK less tolerance is sadly aimed at the wrong section of society.

  2. I notice it when I visit the states. Not so much when I am in New Zealand.

  3. I disagree, I think most people are very tolerant.

  4. Steve brought up the main point -- Gov't propoganda and PC brigade...

    Plus, I think a lot of it is not learning the art of compromise. People are used to getting what they want, they don't know how to deal with the times when things aren't going their way. Hence the inability to compromise/deal with conflict.

    Human nature is to find comfort likeness. Anything strange people shy away from. In the end, this creates ignorance and intolerance.

    And between you and me, we've become babies. Things just don't roll off our backs like they used to.

    It scares me how polarized we've become... also the plethora of envy (the "if I can't have it, no one can" attitude)... makes me so sad.

  5. I think probably people are not any more less tolerant than before, there are just more avenues to let loose how they are feeling. Who knows. Take care.

  6. I think it has a lot to do with our economy being bad for so long and nobody is really doing anything to make it better. People run out of patience...

  7. Oh, that is a good one. I personally believe it's been going on since the beginning of life itself and sadly, that it is likely to continue. I believe it is the human condition and that most of us we strive to overcome it. Sadly, greed and envy always find new ways to rear its ugly head. You could pick any time in history and it was there, in all its vile, ugly and cruel condition.

    I hope your day has NONE of that in it honey! Big hugs xoxo

  8. it comes from parents teaching their kids; "It's All About You." Whatever makes you happy includes thinking "My Way or You're Stupid." We don't teach tolerance anymore. We teach Political Correctness, which is the opposite of tolerance. Since we have become a secularist society, all that matters is "What I Feel is all that's important".
    It's so hard to hold an intelligent discourse when your opponent starts with the premise, "You Are Stupid and I'm here to enlighten you." Since both sides of the debate think this; friction ensues.

  9. I think that a lot of it has to do with the total lack of common courtesy so that so many people seem to suffer from these days. It's all about me, me, me and people just don't realize that their actions affect those around them.

    I have to agree with Barb that this sort of attitude has been around since the Dark Ages but by the same token, it seems to have become more prevalent over the years.

  10. Present economic situation, complexity in life style, ever expanding wants, population growth, increasing frustration in personal as well as professional life, growing dishonesty and hypocrisy of politicians, overall moral degradation of society at large and absence of mutual trust amongst partners are some of the reasons for lack of tolerance in majority of people.

  11. It might be that people are afraid of diminishing opportunities for a better future so they're beginning to see others as competition for those limited resources. A positive outlook and the willingness to share are early victims of a bad economy.

  12. I believe it has to do with the way kids are brought up now days. It's the 'I want' 'It's my right' society. It's all about me and who cares about anyone else. I have seen the gradual decline in how we relate to one another over the years and I find it quite tragic.

  13. They are probably holding in their farts (this makes my belly hurt which in turn makes me less tolerant). Hunger is also a factor (if you are dieting)...a cheeseburger in one's hand and a large order of fries in the other makes them a very tolerant person. I think these are the two biggies.

  14. In todays world of "anything goes" a backlash is devoloping and people are becoming less tolerate of the madness of PCism's!

  15. There is too much of an inward focus these days. ME is top priority...adn that is a shame. That breeds less tolerance, less compromise, and lotsa trouble.

    I know that doesn't exist in your world, nor in ours.

    Big hugs, honey...

  16. Things have changed so much over the years. People are way too busy and don't take time to get to know their neighbors and visit with family like they did back when I was growing up.
    It used to be dad worked, mom stayed home, kids played outside and came in at lunch.
    Now it's single parent households, or both parents working, day care, people don't come out of their house and get to know the neighbors, kids don't go out to play they sit in front of computers or tv's.
    We need more front porches and lazy Sunday's :)

  17. very good question! i try hard to be tolerant and am most of the time. then i go to the walmart... that's it for me!

    smiles, bee

  18. I'm not thinking till after New Years..ha Happiest of New year to you and yours..keep up the fight!!:) (hugs)

  19. Merry Christmas!

    I think people are stretched thin from working more hours for less pay. Folks are just plain cranky.

    Or maybe someone got another tie for Christmas.

    Honestly, after watching the new Fear Factor for five whole minutes, I had very little patience when my dog brought a mouse into the house.

    At least it wasn't a scorpion. That's what caused me to turn off Fear Factor - scorpion snacking. Ugh!

  20. Amen to Mike's comment at #8. We are becoming a very "Me" centered society. That's how I feel anyway, if you disagree, you are wrong, LOL!

  21. The meaning of the word "tolerance" is changing. Today, in order to be tolerant, you must accept, condone, and even embrace the other person's behavior.
    In truth, tolerance means you tolerate something that you generally disapprove of. Of course, today we are encouraged to express ourselves and share our opinions with the world in general and if you don't like my opinion, then you are intolerant. See how that works? Just sayin'.


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