Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Scare

Have you ever lost your blog? You didn't delete it but it just disappeared. That's what happened to me Wednesday morning. First I got an email from my pal Barb at iPhoneographi asking me if I'd sent a particular email. I told her that I hadn't sent that email and she responded by telling me that my email account had been hacked. Sure enough it had.

Hubby got into our email account and changed the password on my blog email. Then I went into Google Reader and reset my password then I could change my password. When I got finished my Google account was back on line which meant my blog was back online. It was frightening to see that your blog was no longer on your dashboard. I'd already backed up my blog in several places, but still it's disheartening to lose your blog. I hate email hackers/spammers. They are getting a one way ticket to Hades.

I also have several other blogs under my control that belong to Mike Golch. I've also backed up these blogs so don't worry Mike. They didn't mess with your email, just my email.


  1. That happened to me too..someone got into my email and sent mails to my contacts asking for money..It's scary indeed. I've already backed up my blog too..

  2. So how'd you get your blog back???
    I remember the day I went to TM Comics to login & it said my account had been suspended. It got sorted but was still a worry.

  3. those hackers are something else. It's a shame they can't use the knowledge they have for something good instead of senseless crap like this.

  4. Spammers and Hackers SUCK for sure!

    I'm glad we're pals, pal! I can't wait to pal around on a cruise again, too! srsly!

    Big hugs from me and the Gs xoxo

  5. Wow, that is really scary. Glad you knew what to do. Hope it doesn't happen to me.Yikes. Hope you have a super day.

  6. One of my email accounts was hacked or attacked by a virus. They managed to send 1,500 spam mails from my account before my host shut down my email and notified me.

    All is well now.

    Have a great day!

    P.S. You should change passwords at least once a month.

  7. How scary! How do you back up blogs? I'd hate to lose ours!


  8. wow, how awful! that's horrible!! why in the world would anyone do that, what could they gain? buggers on them! a pox on them!

    hugs, bee

  9. That's a scary situation. With better technologies, people find more ways to be A-holes.


    P.S. I'm going to send you a private e-mail message.

  10. Sandee, I'm glad that you got it back. A bunch of us would miss you if it were gone forever. ;)

  11. It seems to happen a lot lately, glad it was just a scare and you managed to get it all under control, from what you said you done all the right things quickly :-)

    Have a brilliant weekend :-)

  12. When caught, I think spammers should be sentenced to eat only Spam for the rest of their lives!
    I really think they and their evil twins hackers all need to be taught a lesson.

  13. Hi Sandee,
    This must have been frightening! I am glad you are back and sharing this experience with us so we all know that we need to protect ourselves. Take care and all the best to you.

  14. Maybe if those people would put their skills to some sort of productive use the world would be a better place.

    Glad to hear that you got everything sorted out and back on-line. And yes, there's a special place in Hades for spammers and hackers.

  15. It's a traumatic event when you find that your website has been attacked. I had hackers use an unsecure script to send out thousands of spam emails from my site which got my account suspended. Not a pleasant experience. I'm glad you got control back without too much damage being done.

  16. I have also problem with my blog with the following comments on top very recently.

    Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems.
    If you are having problems, try Google Chrome. | Dismiss

    I have not been able to restore my blog settings so far. I seek suggestion & advice from fellow bloggers.

  17. Glad you were able to recover it. That has got to be a scary feeling!

  18. I've lost my stats but never my entire blog. I've saved my blog in several ways but it would certainly feel like a violation if someone hacked it. I need to do a better job of changing my password more frequently. Thanks for the reminder.

  19. Ooh! How do people hack into accounts? It's very worrying, and I know what it's like to lose your blog - permanently :)

  20. Oh my, what a nightmare. No fun at all. Glad it is all ok now.

  21. i think i got a password reset on my gmail too... few weeks back :)


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