Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Telling You!

Judy at Judy H-J-s Thoughts - A Twinless Twin awarded me the Tell Me About Yourself Award. If you've not visited Judy she has a lovely blog that I would read and not comment on (I know Empress Bee I'm not supposed to lurk). Here's what Judy's blog is about:
I am a Jamaican twinless twin who lost my identical twin sister Janine on October 16, 2008. Here I share pictures, articles, poems, music videos, quotations etc. I mainly write about being twins, my experiences since the death of my twin, coping with loss and grief and the wide range of interests that my twin and I shared over the years.
Thanks Judy I appreciate you thinking about me.

Here's the rules:
  • I must tell 7 things about myself
  • I must pass it on to 15 other bloggers.
Here's are Judy's 15 picks:

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So here's seven things about me:
  1. I don't follow the rules very well so I'm not going to tag 15 people to do this. If you want to play along let me know and I'll come visit your post.
  2. I met Judy (the lovely lady that tagged me with this meme) through Entrecard. I know many don't care for Entrecard, but I've sure met lots of folks through Entrecard.
  3. I love all things boating. I love both our boats, and I adore the big cruise ships. I can hardly wait for our cruise to Hawaii.
  4. I have lots of friends, but my very best friend is my husband.
  5. I have a 41 year old son and two grandchildren. The oldest grandchild gave me a great granddaughter last December 27th.
  6. I hate cold weather and abhor winter even though I live in central California and it doesn't snow here. I like to wear shorts, t-shirts and flip flops.
  7. I'm a happy person 99% of the time. I love life and love beginning each day. Life is an attitude and I learned that long ago. I can make it a great day or I can complain about anything and everything. I'm going to make it a great day.
Now all of you go out and make it a great day too.


  1. I like to wear shorts, t-shirts and flip flops too... and i love your take on life :) Have a great weekend Sandee!

  2. Congrats on your award.

    What a hip great grandmother you are! I'm not sure my grandmother has really gotten the whole idea of the internet.

  3. It is great to learn more about you. I especially like the last item you listed. Awesome, Sandie.

    Have a great day.

  4. Woof! Woof! Oh we met 3 wonderful bloggie friends at Entrecard ... one of them is YOU. I don't mind the cold weather but my family seems to be "over" n 'done" You'll definitely enjoy your Hawaiian cruise ... too bad you don't get to spend a lot of time on land. We agree on #7 ... Sending you Lots of Golden LOVE. Have a Delightful Day. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. How I love your #7! I stopped seeing a couple of negative people around me and I think the "air" is clearing. What a difference :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Sandee!

    p.s.: Wish I could go to Hawaii with you, but I'm homesick - have not been to Czech since 2007 - so we are saving for trip there next fall.

  6. item no. 4 is very interesting. your respect and companionship to your hubby is laudable and highly appreciated.
    have a great weekend.

  7. I too love beginning each new day. Also I love your saying 'Life is an attitude" which is so darn true. I sure wish I had applied that idea when I was young but it sure makes being old so much easier.Thanks for those great thoughts Sandee.

  8. those are some of the things that make me love you!

    hugs, bee

  9. I wish you a great weekend aswell...keep the attitude going!:D

  10. Hi Sandee,
    Thanks! The things about you are interesting and I learnt more about you!:) I am really glad that we met through Entrecard and I love your Blog. Take very good care of yourself
    and have a wonderful weekend.

  11. I have also met some nice people through E-Card, though I do have concerns with other things about it. I found your blog through there, as well as others that become part of my daily reads. I'm keeping it as a blog finding service more than anything right now.

  12. I never did meet anyone neat thru ec, but I'm glad you did!

    I wish I had a cruise booked. To anywhere. srsly.

    Big hugs from chilly south jawjah! xoxo

  13. It took me far too long to learn about your #7. I think I've got it down now though (or at least 99% of the time)

  14. I know firsthand that even though you don't get winters in Central California like we do here in New England that it gets danged bone-chilling cold from time to time. I don't think I've ever been colder than I was a couple of times in Stockton when the Tule Fog would roll in and stay. Brrrr!

  15. Love boats and hate winter? So I guess North Dakota isn't somewhere you'd retire to.

  16. I knew from reading your blog that you are indeed a happy person!!

  17. This is a neat post of hers.
    Dad was a 'twinless twin.' The twin girl, not named, is burried in a rural Nebraska cemetery grave way too close to the road.

  18. We have soo much in common...which is why I fell in love with ya both. Miss y'all!

    Big hugs from chilly nawth jawjah, honey...

  19. Thanks for sharing all about you. We have a lot in common. Loving life, boating and our hubbies.

  20. Congrats on your award Sandee.. I didn't know that you have now a greatgrandchild...I will always remember that, that is an attitude.

    Thanks for dropping by Sandee.


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