Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday I asked what you were thankful for on Wednesdays Question and today I decided that I would tell you some of the things I'm thankful for.

For a wonderful, loving husband.

For my family that will be visiting today.

For my two granddaughters and my great granddaughter (who is walking already).

For the good health hubby and I are fortunate to enjoy.

For the home we made with each other. A home of quiet and harmony.

For the many great friends I've made over the years.

For my blogging buddies that I love so very much. You know who you are.

For the freedom to come and go as we please.

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours.


  1. That's some wonderful things to be thankful for... love and family is the most to be thankful for :)

    Have a good party with all your loved ones Sandee... save some turkey for us :)

  2. What a lovely post, You Hubby and family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Best Wishes


    ps: Oh! and don't do anything I wouldn't do ;-)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to Zane. Have a blessed day, honey.

    Big hugs xoxo

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you continue to have such a wonderful life.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. If I adjusted the numbers on line 3, I could repost your list 'zactly! We are both mighty blessed.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. From our hearts to yours...

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to your entire family Sandee!
    Special Thanksgiving to our wonderful blogging family too!

  9. We sure wish you and all of your family a fantastic Thanksgiving. Those are some first class things to be thankful for. We are just thankful to have you as our friends. Take care. Don't eat too much.

  10. beautiful! happy thanksgiving to you and your family honey... love you!

    smiles, bee

  11. Hope you have a great holiday. Try to find a moment of relaxation in there. I say this as a husband who will undoubtedly be waited on hand and foot today, for no reason I deserve.
    Best of Everything.

  12. So much to be grateful for, you're a lucky gal, but then so is your hubby. Happy Thanksgiving Sandee, to you and yours.

  13. Indeed a lot to be thankful for Sandee! I hope your day is going very well! Happy Thanksgiving again!

  14. Yep that's a lot of blessings to be thankful for.

  15. Hey...hey...hey have an Awesome Thanksgiving...enjoy yourself.

  16. You are blessed Sandee!!! and what a thankful heart you have :) Enjoy your holiday with the family!!!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  18. Sounds like you have it very good, Sandee.

  19. Sounds wonderful, Sandee. I can tell that you already have one, but my wish still, is HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Thanks for stopping by Driller's Place for the first installment of this year's Christmas Music Marathon. Hope you find some of your favorites these next few days. Have a blessed week-end.

  21. Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for friends like you :)

  22. Hope you had a "Happy Thanksgiving"! Sounds like you've got your priorities in order ... we're also thankful for health, happiness, family and friends!

  23. Happy Thanksgiving from our home to
    yours! What a wonderful post to be
    thankful of many of the important
    people in your life. We feel the same
    as you. Love,Family, health and friendships. We would like to add
    God,freedom and those that sacrifice
    daily for all of us. Sandee, you are special to all of us!


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