Thursday, October 6, 2011

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We're on our bay cruise and currently are in South Beach at Pier 40 in San Francisco. The view of the city at night makes me smile. From my boat that is.

I would hate to live in a big city. I've never really enjoyed the traffic and the rude people. Why does everyone have to be so angry in the big cities? No one smiles and for the most part everyone is rude. I don't care what a city has to offer that's a big turnoff for me.

I love a small town that you know and care about your neighbors. You chat with them on the sidewalk, and when you have a get together they are invited.

I love the people in a small town. If you're gone they will pick up your newspapers and make sure everything is okay around your home. You do the same when they are gone.

I've always got something to do and I can easily spend a great deal of time alone and yet am never lonely.

I am trilled to start each day. What wonders and fun things will I encounter today. That's my thought each morning.

I am thankful for my past because it has made me what I am today. I've arrived at exactly the place I was intended to be. I'm thankful for this.

Have a terrific day and rest of the week.
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  1. Such wonderful thoughts. And most positive too. You are such a postive being Sandee.

    I stay at a small town too.. not entirely small small but our neighbours here have been here like forever. They watched me grow up. I like to go to the city once in a while but after a while.. i miss my small town :)

    Have fun at your bay cruise and take some pics for us to see ya!

  2. Sounds like you are at least having fun on the cruise. Some cities can really be bad. We live in a big city but a nice community. The people here act just like good old small town folk. We love it.

  3. the last one about the past sums it up for me. Hey, if you get a chance. stop by Liverpool Lil's for me. loved that place! Tadisch grill as well. great seafood salad.

  4. Enjoy yourself!

    We live in a great neighorhood outside a big city. It's the best of both world's in my book.

  5. I love to visit the city, but would never want to live in one. I lived in Tampa for 21 years. Ack.

    Enjoy the cruise and San Fran!

    Big hugs xoxo

  6. Well, considering how many times I have blogged about this little village where I live, about my neighbors -most of whom have been here, with me, my entire life -and I love it here! How many people can say that their best friend has been there, been that friend, for well over 60 YEARS? Nothing to do here? Depends on what it is you want or like to do I think. For my part though, I love this place, the beauty of the mountains around me and the friendliness of my neighbors too.

  7. That's exactly why we love living in "Mayberry." We can drive to (and leave!) Atlanta when we need big city stuff.

    Having fun with your best friend. That is what life is all about. Big hugs, honey...

  8. remember that tune Come on let me take u on a Sea cruise!..makes me think of y'all...HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

  9. I totally agree with you. I have always lived in the country on one horse farm or another. I hate big cities and go as little as possible. Love your last thought too. I am right where I want to be right now. Great thoughts Sandee. I knew we were cousins. I just don't like sailing LOL.

  10. Great post! While I love to visit a big city, I wouldn't want to live in one. City lights on the horizon from your boat ... sweet! Have a wonderful time on your bay cruise!

  11. Have a wonderful time on your boat. Life should be spent pursuing happiness. Enjoy!

  12. Wonderful thoughts, it seems the cruise is relaxing you a bit.
    I agree about living in the city, I gave up on it years ago, and have never looked back.

  13. Hiii...Nice thiss

  14. We live in a smallerish city, population about 100,000 but the same is true here too. People here are the same as you described

  15. I'm a city girl myself, but I can understand the appeal of a small town, especially as I get older.

    Have a wonderful trip, and enjoy the ride. :)

  16. I live in a big city. Despite small inconveniences I love to be in a big city as you get the best connectivity with essential aspects of life.
    Have a great cruise!

  17. Rude and always in a rush people is one of the downsides to living in a big city that is for sure.

    Have fun on the cruise and I'm sure those views are truly amazing, especially at night...

  18. I grew up in London, in the 50's and 60's, before people became so rude and self absorbed. I decided that things had changed too much for me, in the 70's, and moved out. I now live in a village and can't agree with you more!

  19. oh i love this post! so positive and uplifting! have fun honey, i know you are...

    hugs, bee

  20. I would hate to live in a big city. I love living in a rinky dink little town :)

  21. You need to visit a large city in the south. You may find a different attitude.


  22. I've also noticed the difference between people in the city vs those rural folks. I lived in Houston and Little Rock for a number of years, but most of my life has been in small town america or the sticks. I prefer the sticks. The old says is that "people are people" where ever you go, but that is not true. I firmly believe that most in the city have what I call the "herd mentality" whereas those in the country are more individualistic. If you stop to think about it, it explains some voting patterns---maybe thats a stretch!

  23. Sounds a bit like London lol, although I love it and lived here all my life compared to northern UK cities it is the most unfriendly :-)

    Enjoy your cruise and have a great weekend :-)

  24. I loved living in San Francisco. Of course I was single when I lived there, so maybe that had some impact. I am one of those lucky people who is generally happy with were ever I live. I am in a smaller town now and love that too.

    Glad to hear you are having fun.

  25. I prefer the country with no people at all.

  26. These are really great thoughts!
    Do you only get them on Thursdays?

  27. Very nice and wise thoughts.

    I think that in large cities, you can as well arrange most of the samme with your neigbours, but when out in the streets, it's simply too many you have no chance to know each and everyone.
    That's why I think neigbourhood is important - we say "Equal Child play best".

    In smaller towns - here in Europe - it is very common that people have to follow the unwritten rules and act and do like "all others" - if not you will be frozen out and people starts talking negative about you - everybody must pretend to be like all the others.
    We do not like such "false" behaviour...

    btw. In less than a Month we will be back to US (Austin and Lake Travis)


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