Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (WW) is a visual blogosphere phenomenon. Whereas blogs (web journals) are primarily about "words" bloggers love to dress their journal entries with imagery. WW is a simple blog post featuring a photo which conveys a message that speaks for itself without using words.

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic shot! Happy Wordless Wednesday :)

  2. I remember years ago getting to see the blue angels. they are fascinating to watch

  3. Whoa! Way cool. I've seen them many times, as well as the Thunderbirds and they always take my breath away!


  4. Oh, how I'd so love to see them in action. You're so lucky! Wow!

  5. I got to see the Blue Angels many years ago as a young 19 year old sailor stationed at the Naval Air Station in Kingsville, Texas---will never forget.

  6. That is an awesome shot! I would love to see them in action, too!

  7. what an awesome experience. Love the picture. Have a great Wednesday

  8. How cool!


  9. This picture is so incredible! I love the sound of jets!

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  10. How cool. Great shot!

  11. Whoa! This is cool!

  12. I have seen the Thunderbirds, and like the Blue Angels, the precision is so admirable. Working at very high speeds and pretty close to the ground, there is ZRO room for error. We watch in awe, not admiring the worst but celebrating their splendid teamwork, Awesome, indeed!

  13. What a thrill! Did you get the shot from a hot air balloon?

  14. Great shot! They are always so awesome! ~
    thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked with Create with JOy ~ ^_^

  15. awesome shot! These planes are always awesome... :) we have these yearly event over here too... at one of the islands :)

  16. An amazing capture boggles the mind to think of the logistics to line up just so exactly and how quick the digital shutter has to be.

  17. Fabulous photo. They are fantastic to watch in person.

  18. sweet. you really have to be on the ball to get that shot!

  19. Great shot! I didn't even try this year :)

  20. Beautiful shot! They were here Labor Day weekend and practiced over my house. It was awesome. (We live right outside a naval air station)

  21. what a great shot! my son works at the Naval base on Coronado and we have been lucky enough to visit. Hubby got some pics but nearly as close as yours! He is impressed with yours too! so close.

  22. Wow, that's a really tight formation. I'm glad I'm not one of the pilots. Looks a bit scary to be so close together.

  23. Great shot and clear

    Have a great day :-)

  24. Guess they are like our Red arrows in the UK. Great picture. Happy WW everyone.

  25. I got to see them, too. On the street, and from my office, and from my apartment...

  26. omg that is an AMAZING PICTURE! You are an amazing photographer, who, apparently, has an amazingly steady arm and a really good telephoto lens!


    Nice nice nice.

  27. Great pic! I used to love going to the airshows when I lived in the Midwest. It's been a long time so this brings back memories! I'm a new follower from Aquariann's WW hop :-)

    Angela @ Shimmerlings

  28. good for you, fantastic shot!

  29. Wow ! I can hear them flying !! I need ear plugs !!

  30. Great picture Sandee. I would love to see them in action.

  31. Dick and I saw them practice once. Totally, totally awesome! Such skill.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday. Big hugs, honey...

  32. They are my favorite flight team!We watch them practice at their home base in Pensacola, FL every year. Great shot!

  33. Great photo! It's unbelievable how closely they fly to each other. Stop by and link up your post for Wordless Wednesday when you get a chance!

  34. amazing, aren't they?

    smiles, bee

  35. An exciting composition with nice perspective.

  36. Awesome shot! We were hoping to be able to go up just to see them, but my husband wasn't feeling up to a 2 hour drive.

  37. Very Cool! I love the Blue Angels. I hope to be able to take my little ones to see their awesomeness one day. I am new follower from WW.

  38. Love the Blue Angels- my parents used to take me to see them all the time when I was a kid.

  39. I saw the blue angels when i was a kid and they are still epic! :)

  40. I love the Blue Angels! Happy WW!

  41. I am a new follower please follow me back at lefthandedideas.com

  42. WAY cool.

    I love watching the Blue Angels.


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