Thursday, October 13, 2011

Benicia and Beyond

We had a fabulous time in Benicia with an excellent dinner at the Union Hotel on Friday night and another great meal at Benicia Yacht Club on Saturday night. The weather was beautiful and the water was calm. Sunday morning we head toward Corinthian Yacht Club. The photograph above was our view for a very long time. There are always sailboats and that skyline is breathtakingly beautiful. I see it every year from the water and it still makes me smile.

The first photograph is our view from Corinthian Yacht Club. Our boat was the second boat on "A" dock next to the yacht club and this was our view during high tide for two days. The second photograph is the menu our club members were given when we were seated for dinner on Sunday evening. I thought our club flag along with their welcome was a very nice touch. (Click on any photograph to biggify).
The first photograph was my entree that evening. To say it was delicious is an understatement. I rarely have beef but a filet mignon is my very favorite when I do. You could cut it with a fork. The staff were most attentive and we were all well cared for.

The second photograph are the flowers that the Maitre d' gave me. There had been a wedding earlier in the day and these were left behind. I didn't have a vase but an All-Clad sauce pan works well. They lasted all the rest of the cruise and are still on our boat. I'll see how they did this week when we return to the boat on Friday. To say I felt special that night is another understatement. I. Felt. Very. Special.
On Tuesday morning we left Corinthian Yacht Club and headed for South Beach Harbor at Pier 40 in San Francisco. The first photograph is the beautiful Corinthian Yacht Club as we head toward the city and the second is my commodore flag with San Francisco in the background. It's been a wonderful trip so far and San Francisco is always a treat.

Tomorrow: San Francisco


  1. i am salivating over the filet mignon first... hehhehehe... and the flowers... wow..that was really sweet of the maitre.

    The view from the yacht is most breathtaking. Now i understand why people love yachting so much.

    hope you are having a great day today.

  2. Love the special touches on the menu! And the views. And the flowers... are those red thistle in with the roses?Love them!

    Can't wait for the next installment!

    big hugs xoxo

  3. Well there are two of my favorites. Roses and a yummy steak. Yikes. I might have to come sail with you. Not to worry, it won't happen. LOL

  4. There is nothing more-gooder than perfectly cooked filet. Nectar of the gods...

  5. oh i am SO happy you had this lovely trip honey!!! you so deserve it. i love your flag too! did you wear your tiara?

    hugs, bee

  6. It was wonderful and you were treated very specially. I love You. zily

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Nothing like getting away on the water to clear your head.

  8. This sounds like a really nice cruise, Sandee! The first thing I had to do was find out where Benicia is. That wasn't hard and since it was just east of Vallejo so I was there. We have a friend here, a pilot, who has his boat out there someplace.

    I know you liked everything there after things got calmed down. The menu looked like STAY HERE AND EAT! The filet looks good. I might opt for the sea bass for weight reasons. [I've lots OVER 15 pounds now since my surgery.]

    Happy sailing! I know you are home but we enjoy the posts. For sure I will read about your adventures in San Frisco as it is one of my favorites.

  9. so glad you had a fabulous time and your dinner looks delicious. You sure got the royal treatment

  10. That looks amazing! Next week I'm off work and am going on a stay-cation. I wish I could go to Orlando. :(


  11. I LOVE hearing about your boating adventures! You guys love your boating like Gail and I love our birding. Isn't it great to have a wonderful shared interest?!

  12. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Perhaps I should trade in my rocket for a boat.

  13. Obviously you're having a great time. I miss the water although I live across the road from Lake Lincoln (about 6 miles of shoreline). I miss FL and the gulf. Spent many a happy day on my small bowrider there. Enjoy these days Sandee!

  14. Sounds fantastic. I am really enjoying reading about your trip.

  15. what a lovely evening!

    When are you all gonna sail to Santa Cruz?


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