Monday, September 19, 2011


My kids taught me...

Picking your nose when no one else is looking is still picking your nose.

Just keep banging until someone opens the door.

Making your bed is a waste of time.

There is no good reason why clothes have to match.

Even Popeye didn't eat his spinach until he absolutely had to.

If your dog doesn't like someone, you probably shouldn't either.

Toads aren't ugly, they're just toads.

Phils Phun
Photograph: Desktop Wallpapers
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  1. Oh, those are good, especially the tiptoe one!

    Speaking from experience:

    1. My dogs were always awesome at sizing up people

    2. Nobody is ever happy once you've caught the cat! But when you MUST catch the cat, it's best to be wearing a heavy denim long-sleeved shirt whenever possible.

    Happy Monday! Big hugs xoxo

  2. Hey Sandee, I think the little girl down the road taught me most of these.
    Some may be instinct. :)

  3. I believe a lot of them may well be instinct. My dog won't let you near the door if you are suspicious.

  4. So I'm still picking my nose? Bwahahahahaahahahahahaa!

  5. A great way to start my day. Thanks for the chuckles.

  6. Great facts of life. Who would have thunk. Sure did make our assistant laugh this morning. Thanks. Hugs to the boat.

  7. These made me smile on a gray Monday:)

    I am still on my first cup of ambition. Hope you have a great day.

    Big hugs, honey...

  8. Simple but thought provoking facts of life. I am more impressed with the following:
    Chasing the cat is more fun than catching it.

    Toads aren't ugly, they're just toads.
    Have a great day!

  9. I needed this laugh today, thank you Sandee.

    I hope you have a great day :)

  10. I have always hating making my bed. Talk about "effort after foolishness."
    Thanks for another great start to a Monday.
    Tap 'er light!

  11. this was really funny. and true!

    smiles, bee

  12. I love the popeye one - definitely one my kids would support.

  13. Out of the mouth of babes. I know many grown ups who haven't learned these. Reminds me of something Mark twain said; A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.

  14. Such wise words. But why can't I start the game over again when I'm losing ... that's jsut not fair...

  15. Great list. Great lessons. Impressive that the kids figured out "Don't pop someone else's bubble." But I will disagree on the first point, if no one sees, it's not a pick :)

  16. If we could just think more like children...laughing

    All of these are hilarious and wise, but this one really got me, "Even Popeye didn't eat his spinach until he absolutely had to."

    Oh, if only Olive Oil were president!



  17. Those are good and my kids lived by the one about making their beds

  18. Yes, those are all too true!

  19. Great lessons; although I still like to crawl into a made bed at night. On a few occasions I've missed making it, so I do it before I get in.


  20. Good lessons especially the starting the game again one lol

  21. I needed a smile this morning and I knew where to come to find it. Thanks Sandee!

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  23. Celestine's dog and her cat liked my. her sister's boyfriend not so much.


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