Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesdays Question

It's Wednesday so that means it's question time. There isn't a right or wrong answer to this question as everyone has different opinions on any given issue.

So here's this weeks question: Who is the person you most admire and why?


  1. Probably my mom... cos i love and miss her most.

  2. I think that my boss, because he does a terrific job to maintain a happy family and a happy company. It seems that some can have it all :)

  3. That would be my mother :) She gives love and expect nothing in return. I miss her so much!

  4. Oh, dear. I could never pick just one person. I admire so many for as many different reasons.

    So I'll pick Zane. Because he churned his own butter.

    Big hugs honey xoxo

  5. Pam, our minister of childrens ministry at our church is nice, organized, caring, fun, energetic, encouraging, and truly an inspiration! She has served in that capacity for many years, heads up lots of huge events and programs each year and does a super job. Plus, she always takes time to talk with people and entertains groups in her home. She's a pleasure to work with.

  6. If it's a living person, It's a toss up between hubby Hank and my brother Anthony.

    Hank has been through a lot. I know I've told you the story of how he broke his back. For those readers who don't know, he was in the military at the time, broke his back while shoveling a runway (it paralyzed him). It took the MP over eight hours in a blizzard to find him. He's a good man. He raised two beautiful, productive young women, and he chose me!

    My brother Anthony was born with down syndrome. His ability to "make lemonade" with the lemons he's been handed is amazing. And he does it with a zeal and smile.

  7. General George Patton will forever be my hero, he loved his soldiers and extracted the maximum from them.

  8. My list would be long... but I will make this one about bloggers I love.

    Sarge for his patriotism.
    Zane for his devotion to you.
    You for your devotion to my family!
    Lois for never giving up on love.
    Linda for following her travel writer dream.
    Bee for being who she is no matter what.
    Gracie for enduring such heartache and pushing on.
    Grace in Phila. for being honest no matter what the cost.
    Callie for stepping up when everyone else stepped out of her grandkids lives.

    I know I missed many... I could go on and on and on....

  9. Gosh, there are so many, I don't think I can name just one or two. I truly admire people that are kind to animals, and thoughtful of other people. Everyone has different reasons to be admired so there are many. Take care.

  10. My dad for pushing my mom into having that 6th

  11. sarge: he takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

    smiles, bee

  12. My mom, she taught me allot of things in my life time, loved me unconditionally, and I miss her dearly everyday.


  13. My Guru who has shown me the righteous path in life for a peaceful and honest living.
    Have a great day!

  14. My mum also who I miss loads, and my dad of course he is great ;-)

    Have a fantabulosa day ;-)

  15. Loads of people. But at the top of the list my African Princess and of course my mum and dad.

    I hope you are having a great day...

  16. Eleanor of Aquitaine - born in 1122 she was an extraordinary woman for her time or any other time!

    And Peter Pan, of course, 'cause he never grew up!

  17. My dear hubby and bestest friend. I am mighty blessed! Next would be our kids. I'd give up my gizzard for any of them:)

    Big hugs and smiles, honey...

  18. My wife, Barbara, who is now gone. She was far from perfect, but she will always, always top any list I make. I really miss the Lady!

  19. Just one person?Too hard,but I would say my wife. Amazing person,for too many reasons to list.I could do a top ten list easily.

  20. My wife Michelle. In her weight loss efforts she has lost about 25 kilograms. I'm so proud of her & admire how hard she is trying.

  21. My grandmother who taught me to cook, I often think of her.


  22. That's an easy one, it's my dad. He taught by example. Boy I miss him.

  23. My Dad, he was everything a man, husband, and father was supposed to be. He's been gone about a year and a half now.

    My wife, she is everything a woman, wife and mother are supposed to be. She's also the best Nana in the world! Just ask the grandcrew.

  24. Not taking anything away from my parents and the outstanding job they've done throughout the years, but right now I'm really admiring my brother-in-law.

    He has his head on straight. He married his babies mama. He has a great job with tremendous benefits. He has fun yet he escorts his kids to whatever functions and activities they regardless of how boring it is. He cooks, buys groceries, and helps keep the house clean, even with a housewife around. And he doesn't complain much.

    I wish I had half the get up and go he possesses.

  25. I would say Sir Winston Churchill. He's my statesman of the lifetime. His speeches are the most fascinating ever written by a statesman.

    He warned about Nazi Germany and of possible atrocities, before he became PM, but nobody listened.

    He was right and the British elected him PM, Churchill was the catalyst that got the whole world to take on the evils of Adolph Hitler.

    Yep Sandee, Sir Winston Churchill is my hero of all time.

    Thanks and my best to you,


  26. wow tough one my friend!..I love reading all the comments...have too many to choose actually but will ponder some more! bout YOU!?!

  27. There are many... but a friend of mine whose name is Burger is an example of someone I truly admire. I met him after he arrived in New Zealand from South Africa. He up-rooted his life in SA to make a new life for his family in NZ. They'd been through a lot. He served several years in prison for his Christian faith.
    They came to NZ with virtually nothing. He's a "Master" auto mechanic and in the time I've known him he's started his own business and has grown it so that he now employs about 6 or 7 people and it's become hugely successful. He's a powerful speaker who employs unassailable logic and he applies it to everything he does. He's a tower of strength to all who know him. He's always ready to build up and encourage others. I'm proud to say he's my spiritual brother and friend. It's been a privilege getting to know him. The world needs more MEN like him.


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