Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This is the completed Story Game of "Katie" that you all did an outstanding job in authoring. The one thing that's always a constant in all these story games, is that someone always mentions cake. Enjoy your Story Game:

Katie is getting ready for her summer vacation and she doesn't want her boyfriend to come along. She has other plans that don't include him. What she wants to do is book a Trans-Atlantic Cruise and spend a month seeing Italy followed by another Tran-Atlantic cruise.

Unfortunately, Katie's boyfriend is scared of the water. He can't swim. He only has one leg and so Katie's plans just can't accommodate him since she just learned that her best friend already booked a cruise. Oops.

She is about to tell him about this "unfortunate mix-up" when he shows up walking on, what appears to be, two perfectly good legs. The truth is Bob [Katie's real boyfriend], has been sending his identical twin brother, 'Leonard' on all his dates with Katie, up till now.

When he is ready to pop the question but Katie is totally confused and wants to know exactly what is going on for heavens sake. So she asks him just who is he and he says that he forgot because he has amnesia and can only eat cake! Katie's confusion reaches its peak - first it was about one leg, now amnesia and what more? She wants to get rid of her boy friend immediately.

Fortunately, Sandee saves the day! She show up with a triple fudge, banana cream, frosted, 7 layer cake with one slice missing. Wondering what happened to the slice he asks, is this a misguided script from "The Young and the Restless"?

"No. It's a cake", she says. Katie proceeds to dig bare-handed into the center of the baked delight. The map has to be in there! She feels something in the cake thinks "OMG I think I have found the map," she pulls it out and to her horror it turns out to be a hard sultana.

So she flicks it into the air, but it ends up smacking a biker dude in the back of his meaty head. Flames shooting from the top of his head, the biker dude turns towards Katie. Their eyes meet and instant flames begin between Katie and the biker! Could it possibly be true love...with a complete stranger, or is the biker dude her long lost boyfriend from her wild past? All she needs to know if on his left cheek is a tattoo of a pink rose with her name. How in the world is she going to see his left cheek?

He continues to stare at her and she stares back. He does look familiar, but with all that beard it's hard to tell. He then says, 'Katie is that you?' Katie asks, 'Bill is that you?' It is her long lost boyfriend from her wild past. Bill had changed so very much since then.

Just then a biker chick walks in and heads toward Bill. Katie moves off and the biker chick doesn't come after her. The biker chick lays a big kiss on Bill and they leave. Wow, that was close.

Katie still had to figure out what to do with the lying boyfriend and his twin brother, but for now there is a Trans-Atlantic cruise to enjoy. That and lots of cake to eat. There are waiters, room service and a million other wonderful things to enjoy. Perhaps Katie will figure out what to do when she returns. Then again she just might meet Mr. Right on her cruise. Well it could happen.

Contributing authors (In order of appearance):

Barb of iPhoneographi
Callie Ann of Scrappin With Life
Adina of knitstripedfrog
DrillerAA09 of Driller's Place
Don of Don E. Chute

Marg of Margs Pets
Empress Bee of muffin53
Rajagopalan of Just Out
Da Dude of Burnt Food Dude
Jack of One Man's View from Lansing, KS

George of Addanac City
Angel of Woman Honor Thyself
Stevebethere of Bethere2day
Joyce Lansky of Catch My Words
Ann of Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap

Faythe of Grammy Mouse Tails
Sandy of Traveling Bells
Carol of There's Always Thyme to Cook

A great big THANK YOU to everyone that contributed to the Story Game. You are all awesome!


  1. Back-to-back cruises... sigh. In the Story Game and now in real life! double sigh.

    Aren't you glad I talked you into that first cruise, honey?! Big hugs xoxo

  2. Glad to be of service. I look forward to the next challenging tale.

  3. I think we all done well there, that good have been a best seller ;-)

    have a brilliant day

  4. I meant could have been a best seller LOL

  5. the splendor!!! you will LOVE that ship! pink everywhere. it is tits! and a b2b? good for you! do you have the same cabin both legs?

    oh, and we are pretty good writers too! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  6. Not too shabby...story, that is. B2B? Love it, but would love it more if the traveling bells were going too!

    Big hugs, honey...

  7. an interesting story composed by our entire team!
    have a great day!

  8. What a great story a bunch of people wrote. That was great and the story is hysterical. Love the part about the cake. Have a great Day Sandee.

  9. That was so much fun! I'd love to do a story like that again soon. :)

  10. That is awesome! Congrats to you all, that really is good... I would love to see something like that again, it would be cool. Have an awesome day everyone.

    (from jodisjourney.net)

  11. The story had me captivated, it was like an episode off a good soap opera!

  12. these always turn out so well. Good story

  13. I menat to say 'Lean-ard' as in 'I leen'....drats...

    Aloha and I love the game :0

  14. Excellent story. So glad to have helped. Watch out for biker dudes on cruises.



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