Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meeting Lisa Ceaser

Several months ago Lisa Ceaser from Lisa Ceaser Photography and Live and Learn let me know that she was coming to San Francisco for training and if I wanted to meet while she was here. Well that was a definite yes on my part. I'm not sure how many years I've been following Lisa but it's been quite some time.

To say her photography is amazing is putting it mildly. I've always enjoyed all her spectacular photography posts, but as great as those are I've always enjoyed following her life.

I can remember when her and Mark were dating. I remember their engagement and finally their wedding. There was a very heartbreaking time when they lost their first baby, and then finally the arrival of sweet Megan. All Lisa's family and friends are watching Megan grow like a weed. So wanting to meet was absolutely going to happen.

On Wednesday, June 11th Zane and I headed toward San Francisco to meet and have dinner with Lisa. We were wandering around the Palace Hotel looking for Lisa when she suddenly appeared and we both recognized each other immediately and at the same time. It was then a hug fest and a photo session that hubby gladly handled.

The two photographs above are of the bar and the Pied Piper Bar and Grill Restaurant. We were finally seated at a table and our conversation began. We talked about work, family, love and aspirations. Lisa is a delightful young woman who is warm, loving and caring. She adores her family so very much. It is refreshing to see someone that is so focused and sure of her path.

It was a pleasure to meet you Lisa and we both enjoyed a fine evening of conversation and a great meal. We wouldn't have missed it for anything.


  1. oh how fun. I've yet to meet any bloggers in person. It looks like you had a wonderful time. What a beautiful hotel that is

  2. I'm so glad y'all finally got to meet!

  3. YAY for meeting another blogging buddy! I haven't met Lisa yet, but am hoping I may this fall!

    Your dinner looks like it was absolutely divine!

    Big hugs xo

  4. It was sooooo very great! I think we could have stayed there for many hours more just talking and chatting.

    Oh, and the food!!! YUMMY! I just said to a coworker that I miss the San Francisco seafood and great restaurants. A girl could get used to eating so well.

    Thank you so much for going out of your way to come see me. It really did make my trip worth all the stress and aggravation. It was an honor and I will forever be grateful for the gifts and friendship you have given us.

    I love how I we spotted each other instantly... such a cool moment to treasure.

    Big hugs!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lucky duck! someday i'll meet her too but for now at least i got to meet you and zane! that was totally tits!

    smiles, bee

  6. How truly wonderful for all of you! Good times!

  7. What a wonderful meeting with Lisa. THe photos of the hotel and the dinner are beautiful.

    Sandie, you are so special to all of us that follow you. I am going to check out her blog. Thanks.

  8. How so very great!
    This brings a huge smile to my face, bringing back all sorts of warm memories about our own meeting a few months ago.
    Sandee, you are special to a lot of people!

  9. Wow, that looks like a fun meeting. Glad you three got together. She sounds like a super person. What a fun thing to do. Hope you have a perfect day. Hugs to Little Bit.

  10. Your hug fest is feast for our eyes!

  11. I so glad you had a great meet up. I wait for the day when I can meet a blogging buddy :)

  12. It is always great fun to hook up with bloggers that you know from the online world, for real. Which is something I have been lucky enough to experience a couple of times. Looks like you had a great time...

    The Palace Hotel looks like a fantastic place to visit and the food looks totally delicious.

  13. Having met Lisa and her hubby Mark both in person myself I can certainly vouch for what a lovely person she is - both inside and out.

    And knowing you and Zane, I bet you had a great time!

  14. I'm Glad that you had an enjoyeble time.

  15. I'm Glad that you had an enjoyeble time.

  16. How nice that you finally got to meet after all of this time. Hope to meet you sometime in the future!

  17. Sandee-
    That is so wonderful that you buddies got together.

    The typed word can achieve comradeship between friends, but there's nothing like meeting face to face.

    Good for the both of you!


  18. It is sooo much fun meeting blogging buddies. Lisa is still on my want-to-meet list. Some day!

    Loved seeing those smiles. Big hugs, honey...

  19. Too fun ... and what a nice "shack". hahahaaaa ;-)

    This is what I call a great blog post. Big hug n smoootch from old SpeedyCat !

  20. We had a wonderful time Darlin

  21. I am glad you two got to meet, Sandee. :)

    When I first read this I was thinking Little Ceasar and wondering what your ties were. LOL, my mistake.

  22. I've just recently gotten to know Lisa, and in just a short time, I've come to realize that she is all of the things you described! How fortunate that you were able to meet and enjoy each other's company!


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