Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (WW) is a visual blogosphere phenomenon. Whereas blogs (web journals) are primarily about "words" bloggers love to dress their journal entries with imagery. WW is a simple blog post featuring a photo which conveys a message that speaks for itself without using words.

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  1. Beautiful picture! St. Thomas sounds amazing.

  2. what a beautiful and peaceful setting. glad you had a blast.

  3. I wanna go back! NOW!

    Today I actually spent time online searching for where I want to retire. MUST be near a major airport and a Carnival port!

    Big tropical hugs xoxo

  4. wish I were there... Hugs!

  5. makes me smile to look at it!

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog to comment on the white chocolate-fruit tart... and happy WW to you, as well!

  7. I'd be smiling, too, it looks fantastic!

  8. Never been there. Looks lovely.

  9. How fortunate you are to visit such a lovely place.

  10. Sooo beautiful! St. Thomas is on my list of places to visit. I know I would be smiling too. Happy WW, Candace

  11. That certainly looks beautiful! The sky's so blue... =)

  12. I liked St. John best. We also stayed on St. Croix. The whole place is paradise.

  13. A lovely spot indeed. I would find it like paradise after the long, cold winter we've had in my neighborhood.

  14. Beautiful picture! It's understandable that the people in St. Thomas smile all the time--I think I would be too if I lived there! :)

  15. This is a beautiful photo! Definitely makes me feel like taking a vacay like YESTERDAY! :-)

  16. oh me too! i love st thomas and we're going back soon! wywt!

    smiles, bee

  17. Beautiful! We went to St. Thomas on our honeymoon - 24 years ago! Sadly, it rained heavy every single day :(

  18. Wow, looks so pretty. I've never been on a cruise, but I've heard they are a lot of fun.

  19. I'd love to go on a cruise. Looks like fun!

    Lovely photos!

  20. Hey! No cheating! It's supposed to be wordless!

  21. My family went to the Virgin Islands every year when I was a kid, it was great. :-) I'm going on the Glory from NY up to Nova Scotia in September, from the pictures on the Carnival website the ship's gorgeous.

  22. What fun! Warm weather, palm trees, blue skies, ...etc. Sounds heavenly!

  23. That is a perfect place to cool down in these hot days here in our country! :D

    I’ve been out in the blogging world for more than a month. Just want to inform you that my new blog address now is http://blog.junezach.com . If you have any links redirected to my blog, you can now update it with this new URL. Thank you very much! I miss visiting your blog and of course you, Sandee!!! :D

  24. That looks glorious :-)

    Happy WW!

  25. I'm ready for that place. Where do I sign up?

  26. Some tropical breezes would feel good right now.

  27. Looks Great. My wife won't go on a Cruise.

  28. Surely you took more than one photo! Where's the rest. How do you expect me to enjoy this trip if we never leave the dock?

  29. Looks like a perfect place to just take a deep breath and relax...

  30. I've never taken a cruise but I like just looking at the cruise ships. Miami is a great place to set sail!

  31. Looks beautiful. I hope to take a cruise with hubby one day.

  32. There would have to be something wrong if you weren't smiling in a gorgeous place like that. I wish I was there right now

  33. It is one of our favorite ports, too! I'm ready to go back.

    Big hugs, honey...

  34. St. Thomas (Google it!) da DAh dah dah ditty dah dah dah DAH DAH DAH DAH

    C6 Am7 D7 G7 C6!

    What fun. I'll just have to play the song an extra time for you.

  35. Wishing You A Happy Wednesday!
    visiting via It’s About Time!

    Life Below Zero

  36. What a beautiful WARM looking spot. When we are freezing here in the middle of winter soon I will think of this place to warm me up


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