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Windy Pops

Breakin Wind This is the completed Story Game of "Windy Pops" that you all did an outstanding job in authoring. The one thing that's always a constant in all these story games, is that someone always mentions cake. Enjoy your Story Game:

Spring is in the air and Mark's thoughts were turning towards love, but there was a problem... he was having a bout of windy pops. Windy pops is an old, little-known malady. The only way it can be treated is with a lot of finger pulling. Mark knew, from previous bouts of this dreaded malady, that it would be difficult to get the cooperation of many people.

Nonetheless, his desires were becoming stronger. He had to do something, but what would that be? He thought about calling Larry the Cable Guy, but that would not end well. Larry would only tell him that Windy Pops is the same as the Walking Farts that plagued Larry's grandmother for years. Larry would probably tell Mark to go to the men's room at Walmart, go into the "cripple stall", get a good grip on them grab bars and Git-R-Done. Somehow that just didn't seem appropriate. What to do, what to do.

He decide that , if he could not feel great, perhaps he could LOOK great. he meandered into a Paul Mitchell salon, and half hour later he was sporting the second worst haircut in the entire world! OMG! could this day get any worse????(he pondered) It was just then that Larry the Cable Guy's Grandmother, who happened to have THE worst haircut in the world, walked up to Mark and farted then asked him to pull her finger. Mark didn't know whether to or not.

Knowing that he couldn't approach his love interest with the pops, and looking so bad, Mark decided to take things into his own hands. He went straight home and Googled his predicament. What he found though was even more disturbing than his original problems. He was also out of CAKE! omg now what?

Mark thought I might be out of cake, but I have the very best thing to substitute...A fried peanut butter, banana and frieto Sandwich...Just like The King used to make, only the Queen was allergic to peanut what!!!! But the Queen wasn't really a lady, she had recently undergone a sex change and was in fact now half woman, half man!

Mark had difficulty in learning queen speak as he was originally from the Bronx. He took his jar of peanut butter and flew out the door on a rush of flatulent wind. He ran into the nearest Walgreens and headed for the pharmacy. Maybe they could solve his predicament. When the pharmacist turned to Mark he couldn't believe his eyes. It was none other than ELVIS!! and he wanted to know where his PB&B fried sammich was!

Mark said that he didn't have his sammich but that the best place in town to get a PB&B fried sammich was Miss Mabel's trailer park. Her trailer was a single wide which swayed under her lumbering swagger. She weighed at least 325 lbs., and that was from eating too many PB&B sammiches with beer and fried apple pies.

She lived next door to Larry The Cable Guys Sister Marleen, Marleen was so Fat that her trailer 'leened' almost up to Mabel's. Today Marleen was out for revenge as she was gonna take her walkin' farts and head over to Mable's for that fried sammy.

But first, Marleen had to lean over and try to get her fat feet into her shoes. When she did Marleen fell over and couldn't get back up. She forgot her first alert alarm across the single wide in the toilet room. Nobody could hear her cries for help except her 13 Cats, 7 of which did not survive the fall. Marleen crushed them when she hit the floor.

What a mess she exclaimed. Now I'm going to have to figure out how I can cook them and get them in to the freezer, STAT! Then she chuckled at her own joke and pulled a cat claw out of her behind. But as she turned to look at it, she saw it wasn't a cat claw at all... it was a it was a fish hook. What on earth is a fishhook doing here she thought.

Suddenly it all became clear as through the door walked Don the Chute. Why of course this trailer park is owned by none other then Don the Chute, a criminally insane championship fishermen and ex chef of Elvis. It was he who invented the once famous sammie and still to this day twas the highlight of his life. That and being married to Marleen who was secretly holding in the back of their single wide a cure for the windy pops. No one had ever heard Marleen fart. Ever.

Mark rushed over to Marleen and Don the Chute's single wide and begged for the cure to his windy pops. Please he pleaded. I've got a love interest that I can't pursue until I get rid of these windy pops. It'll cost you Don the Chute said. It'll cost you big. Mark said he would do whatever it took.

Mark no longer has the windy pops, but he's not pursued his love interest either. In fact he doesn't seem to be interested in girls at all. I wonder what Don the Chute made Mark do to get the cure for the windy pops?

Contributing authors (In order of appearance):

Steve of bethere2day
Jack K. of One Man's View from Lansing, KS
DrillerAA09 of Driller's Place
JJ of Another Day in Paradise
Barb of iPhoneographi

Matty of Matty Thoughts
Empress Bee (of the high sea) of Muffin53
Don E. Chute of Don E. Chute
Lauren of Think Spin
Ann of Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap

Gracie of Echoes of Grace
Sandy B of Traveling Bells
Katherine of Shoot Me Now
Tony McGurk of Life According To Tony
Glenn of Man Over Board

A great big THANK YOU to everyone that contributed to Windy Pops (Story Game). You are all awesome!


  1. These reader-written stories are always quite amusing! Good job everyone!

  2. Bwahahahahahahhaha! What DID he do? Inquiring minds want to know....

  3. Well darn, I missed that day. Wonder where I was. Who knows. But it is a great story. Well done everyone.

  4. wow we did a good job! i was really sad when i saw they were out of cake though! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  5. An interesting wee story that amazingly kind of makes some sort of sense...I think!

  6. These stories always crack me up. I'm sooo easy to entertain!

    Big hugs from jawjah...

  7. Dang it. Now I want cake!

    Big hugs :]

  8. that was a darn good story. full of twists and turns. I believe we need a

  9. There might have been cake, but no mention of chocolate? How could that be?

  10. We're all a bunch of weirdos! And I'm proud of it.

  11. The story turned out good and amusing, but there does seem to be a strange odour when i opened it.

    It must be the after effects of the constant wind throughout it so i'm off.

    "Leaves post reaching for the air freshener" :-)


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