Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Audit

A woman walks past three men in the office who are all bemoaning the fact they are about to be audited during the coming month. Says the first guy with a groan, "I'm screwed!"

"I'm screwed, too!" says the other guy, slapping his forehead.

"Guys, I am about to be screwed beyond all recognition by this audit!" exclaims the third guy in anguish.

Just then, one of the guys notices the woman who has been standing there listening. She now has a very thoughtful look on her face.

"Are you OK?" asks the guy.

"Yes," replies the woman, "but I was wondering... How do I go about getting audited?"

Stolen from: Phil of Phils Phun


  1. ok, I'm slow this morning. Had to read this three times before I got it! Hahahahahaahahahahahaha!

  2. I knew what was coming, because we don't use the same term as you for being in trouble haha!

  3. LOL
    Great way to start the day!

  4. hahaha..That's a good one. She must be in need of a good auditing.

  5. Well hell, if its going to happen you might as well look forward to it.


    I hate audits, especially at work. You could be the best of the best and they will say you forgot to dot an i. Just to say it.


  6. bad girl! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  7. LMAO! now that's a thought... :D

  8. Now that was funny or maybe it was pathetic. Anyway, it made me smile. Hope you have a great day Sandee.

  9. What kind of a woman would need to get audited in order to get screwed? In my experience any woman who wants to get laid can do so as long as she sets her standards low enough. It would have been more realistic if the first four people had all been women and the person who popped the punch line was a guy.

  10. Actually, many years ago I use to BE the auditor! hahahaha!

    Is it Friday yet?

    Big hugs xo

  11. Haha sounds like she was thinking of a different screw :-)

  12. They don't call it the Internal Revenue Service for nothing.

    Great laugh!

    Hump Day tomorrow!

  13. Sandee, I am smiling on this one. :)
    It was new but I saw it coming!
    Sorry you missed the answer as you had to 'swipe' the blanked out area.
    Here is what it said:
    The top picture was taken at HOUSTON, TEXAS. It is situated on the north side of the Sam Houston Tollway, the second ring road out from the city center. So was the Recall building, just east a half mile or so. So was the 'Recall' building.

    The second building(s) is located on the main road coming back north from Greenwich, England, towards London. We had just finished our visit to the Greenwich Observatory, checking up to make sure that GMT was not being neglected. It wasn't.

  14. I'm sure the woman would soon have a had long line of willing people to help her out with her auditing problem!

  15. LOL, I'm surprised that one of them didn't offer to audit her :)

  16. Or NOT LOLOLOL!!!!!! Sorry I've been away... been unplugged! It's nice doing that but I have missed everyone. Now I have to read back on some great jokes!

  17. You always make me laugh!

    Big hugs, honey...


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