Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Thomas

It's getting late so we head back to the ship and decide to drop off our purchases and of course I can't help going back out on the balcony. That's when we notice the helicopter on top of this vessel. Now that's pretty awesome if you ask me.

We head to our favorite bar (Azure) and our very favorite bartender Wayan from Bali, Indonesia. We'll talk more about this incredible young man later. He mixes us two Bahama Mamas and we enjoy the view. Pretty soon we see water all over the window and we know it's not raining. This young man was washing all the windows. This really made hubby a bit dizzy as he's very afraid of heights. This guy didn't mind being out there one bit.

Tonight we dress up night for dinner as it's one of two formal nights. Some dress to the nines and most dress like we did. The first shot is Linda, me and Barb waiting for the elevator to take us to dinner. The next shot is Empress Bee (Queen of the ship). Next is me on our balcony after dinner with St. Thomas in the background. And the last picture is our towel animal for the day. I just love towel animals.

After dinner we join Empress Bee for the Justin Illusion show. Empress Bee went to the late comedy show after this show and hubby and I went to bed. She's got way more energy than we do.

Hubby and I both agreed that we could easily live on St. Thomas. Beautiful.

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  1. My husband suggested we take a cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary. Since it was last May, I guess it's coming with my smart phone . . . the Mother's Day gift I haven't gotten either.



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