Monday, March 21, 2011

Blogger's Cruise - IX

Today is a sea day as we head back to Miami. Our cruise is coming to an end and I'm not happy about it.

We've had a terrific time and have enjoyed the many functions, and all the islands.

We've gathered with friends and made many new friends. Today I want to talk about a few of the folks that made our stay very enjoyable.

The first and our very favorite staff member was Wayan, the bartender at the Azure bar. This young man was very competent, dedicated and extremely fun to be around. We found him about the second day and every afternoon we would make our way to spend some time with this delightful young man. He's been married for two years and so far no children. Tough to have kids when he's working on a cruise ship for seven months at a time. He hails from Bali, Indonesia and told us how children are named in each family. There are only four names, so if you have a 5th child you start over.
  • First born: Wayan
  • Second born: Made
  • Third born: Nyoman
  • Fourth born: Ketut
One afternoon we offered to tend bar for him so he could take a break. We told him that we would just serve Budweiser. If any of the kids that came to the bar and wanted a Mr. Pibb we'd give them a Budweiser. Wayan said no, no you can't do that. The joke every time someone wanted a Mr. Pibb was "Budweiser".

Second is our stateroom steward who took care of our digs for the entire week. It didn't take him long to figure out our schedule and within no time after leaving our stateroom it was cleaned to perfection. Mouli (from Indonesia) always had this smile and he worked from early morning until it was time to turn down the bed, the Carnival Fun Times events flyer for the following day, the chocolates and of course the towel animal. Our stateroom service was exceptional.

Next was Carlos from Peru, who was our beverage server at dinnertime. The very first night hubby and I tried to order a bottle of champagne at dinner and he was quick to let us know that he didn't do that. No bottles, just a drink at a time. We liked him so much that we each had two glasses of champagne every night with dinner. He saved our folio number and when we showed up for dinner he just automatically got us a glass of champagne. After two glasses each he would bring the bill. It was perfect. He also invited us to a party on Saturday evening, but we just had too much on our plate and couldn't go. Free drinks too.

The last person is Miguel from Peru who was in charge of our dinner table (among others) each night. Dining room steward or head waiter. In any event he kept us in food, way too much food all week long. Every night there would be some type of entertainment and I enjoyed Miguel very much. The picture of us was taken by Wayan in the Azure bar on Saturday afternoon. Each one of these great staff members received a little something extra in the tip department.

The video below I've played over and over and I remember how I felt. It was the very last night, and our bags were packed. One sleep and we'd wake up in Miami. I didn't want this cruise to end.

A great big thank you to all the staff that worked so hard to make our cruise a success.

Tomorrow: Miami and home


  1. They all sound like a great crew. It's like any business good staff make such a big difference to the atmosphere & to the customers experience. Whether that be in a shop, restaurant, cruise ship etc that's the most important thing. If the customer service quality from staff goes downhill so will the business eventually..

  2. so many crew members are from indonesia that whenever i hear of an earthquake there or any problem i think of them and their families. we have met so many lovely people in our years of cruising from all over the world. you know, it's a small world after all!

    miss and love you both!

    smiles, bee

  3. Next cruise? I'm in!

  4. Oh, I will have to watch the videos when I get home. We can't watch them at work.

    Glad you had great experiences with the staff. That makes or breaks a trip, I am sure.

    Have a great Monday!

  5. Each and every crew member on those ships are awesome. They work so hard and are away from their families months at a time. And yet, you see smiles and excellent service...

    They are awesome... simply awesome!

  6. What a fabulous trip you had! Thank you for reliving it with us here on your blog!
    Time to start thinking about the next one!

  7. Cruising is my favorite way to vacation! I had so much fun with you all. I just wished it lasted longer. And I hope to do it again!

    Big hugs :]

  8. Sandee--

    Way TMF, did you and Hubby keep your Casino time to a minimum?

    Have you got your land-legs back under you? Or are you back out on your water?


  9. Awww, all of this (especially the video) was so fun to see. It is almost like being right back on the cruise. Carnival staff is the best.

    Gotta get together and do it again. Srsly.

    Sending love 'n big hugs, honey...

  10. Wow, that video was super. Bet that brought about a lot of tears. Sounds like you had the bestest staff ever. What a fun time all of you had on that large boat. Take care.

  11. And a wonderful time was had by all...

  12. Looks like a lot of fun!

  13. Yes Ma'am! We are cooking with gas now!

  14. Good times always go too fast don't they? It seems that so many men (and women) from other countries work hard, but are always smiling and generous. Glad you had a great time!

  15. still sounds like a dream come true..I may just have to take a vacay now! HUgs!

  16. Sounds like the staff was exceptional.

  17. It was a wonderful time Darlin and the service staff was excellent

  18. It's really nice to be on a holiday surrounded by lovely people! it makes the whole thing really worth it!

  19. I'm glad you had such a great time. I think we may take our first cruise next year. The Booth Brothers and other gospel artists are sponsoring one that leaves from San Diego next January 28 and cruises to Mexico. There will gospel concerts and good times for all. I'm starting to really talk myself into this because of your account of the blogger cruise.

  20. Sounds like it was a great crew. Maybe you could have stowed away. . .


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