Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bloggers Cruise - II

Finally this ship is moving and we are enjoying viewing Miami as we slowly make our way out of the harbor.

To say that this is exciting is an understatement.

What we have waited over eight months for is finally happening. We are heading to the eastern Caribbean.

It was warm, but I didn't expect to find the beach full of beach-goers in February. It's just not beach time for most of us. Isn't this amazing?
Our first dinner together and Sarge Charlie did magic tricks for us. As you can see hubby was very amused. How do you like the necklace and earrings Empress Bee made for me. I wore them a lot during our cruise. Thank you again Empress Bee. You are the best. I also wore my tiara because I'm Princess-Because-I-Said-So. Linda and I are checking out the menu for the evening. The food was so very good.
Monday morning we find ourselves in Nassau, Bahamas. It was warm and we quickly showered and dressed for the day and exited the ship. We ran into Sarge Charlie and Empress Bee, along with Linda and Barbara. Hubby took a group photograph then we all went our separate ways for the day.

The third picture down of hubby and I shows the Atlantis Resort and Casino. The following information was obtained from Wikipedia:
Accommodation at the resort includes:
  • The Beach Tower, formerly known as the Paradise Beach Hotel, is the oldest building at Atlantis.
  • The Coral Towers, formerly known as the Britannia Beach Hotel.
  • The Royal Towers contains the "Bridge Suite", ranked in 2003 by Forbes as the most expensive hotel room in the world. With the recent hotels built over the last couple of years, Atlantis is included in one of the most expensive hotels in the world (approximately $25,000 USD a night).
  • Harborside Resort consists of 392 villas and features a harbor-front restaurant, pool area including a children's pool with water fountains, a fitness facility, a sundry store, and all-day shuttle service to Atlantis.
  • The Reef, the newest building at Atlantis, consists of condominium hotel residences
  • The Cove Atlantis is a 600-suite tower that opened in 2007.
We had a great day on Nassau and all met for dinner in the dining room. Most of us got too much sun and after dinner it was time to take in a show. When we returned to our room we found this little fellow there to greet us. We got one each night and I wanted to keep all of them. Adorable to say the least.

Tomorrow: Fun day at sea.


  1. $25,000 a night? Seriously? I can think of SO many ways to better spend that kind of $$! Holy moly!

    We walked around Atlantis and took a bunch of photos. And Linda and I took each other's photos under that same Bahama sign! I don't need to go back to the Bahamas again, but I do need to do another cruise soon!

    Big hugs :]

  2. That sure looks like fun. Great pictures. I am just glad I wasn't down on that beach with all those people. Thanks for the report. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  3. My eyes are tearing up, becuase I just **LOVE** Sarge's magic tricks!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you got to see those... didn't you just laugh and laugh? I love that man...

    I wish I were there. I would've taken the gang to my favorite lunch joint by the yatch club across the bay from Atlantis.

  4. Next time, Lois! We missed you girl.

    I'm still enjoying the cruise through all the blogs that are reporting on it. Keep'em coming.

    Miss you and Zaney and send lots of love 'n hugs...

  5. Beautiful photos of the beach. I can't believe there were so many people at the beach.

    YOu and Zane are too cute.

  6. he has so much fun with his "magic" tricks! he's getting his chemo now, poor guy. but he sure did have fun on the cruise! thanks to y'all!

    smiles, bee

  7. nice necklace! it looks amazing girl!!!Have a great rest of the day my friend~!:)

  8. Loved Atlantis when I lived in Nassau- their aquarium is awesome. Love your tiara!

  9. Every girl should feel like a princess while taking a cruise! Love the photos.

  10. We had a great fun Darlin

  11. sure looks like a lot of fun. What I wouldn't give to be on those beaches right now.

  12. Wow, what a lot of people at the beach! It must have been spring break somewhere.

    So far, it looks like everyone was having a good time! Let's see if you can keep it up for 6 more days! :D

  13. 25,000 Thats alost a whole year of my disability payments.

  14. You have some awesome pictures so far Sandy. I have not uploaded even one yet. Hopefully I will this weekend, but work keeps getting in the way this week...blah, I say we need another cruise. Can't wait to read and see more.

    Big Hugs,

    Baby Girl

  15. Looks like so much fun, especially being on the beach in dream!

  16. I didn't know that many people could fit on a beach! Probably the spring break crowd.


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